This year we have introduced a new phase to the Surf Smart programme with an emphasis on advocacy.

Surf Smart Advocacy Fund: Smart Surfers-Phase 1

About Surf Smart Programme

For the last twelve years WAGGGS has partnered with Norton, one of the world’s largest internet security firms, to help girls make the most of the internet whilst staying safe online. Together our aim is ‘to raise a generation of internet savvy girls and young women who can use the internet to make a positive difference in the world’. The central component of the partnership is a non-formal education curriculum that has been designed to help children and young people get more out of their time online and know how to deal with the risks the internet poses in a positive way.

About Surf Smart Advocacy Fund

We have a new phase to the programme with an emphasis on advocacy. In 2023, Surf Smart Advocacy Fund will take young women on an advocacy journey during which young women will receive advocacy training and small grant to implement advocacy campaigns towards creating an equal internet. WAGGGS will train the young women who will be known as “Smart Surfers”.

We are excited to launch the Surf Smart Advocacy fund, for the first time, to support Member Organizations to: -

  1. Recruit 20 Advocacy Champions (Smart Surfers) in each MOs.
  2. Implement the Advocacy Champion’s advocacy project.
  3. Implement the programme (administrative cost and certificate costs).

Overall Aim: - Girls and young women will have the skills, resources, and confidence to implement advocacy campaigns and engage with people in power to work towards creating an inclusive and better internet. To this end, 200 girls and young women in 10 countries will be engaged as advocacy champions for Surf Smart Programme until 2024. The advocacy projects could address issues like internet security, inclusion, accessibility, affordability, and fostering a positive online environment among others.

SS Advocacy Fund v2

Call for Applications!

MOs are invited to submit applications for this fund by the end of 28th April 2023.

Key information

Size of fund available: Up to £2000 per MO

Number of projects:  2 advocacy projects per MO

Advocacy Champion Age criteria:  16 and above

Time frame: The first round of projects will be expected to start at any time after May 2023 onwards and must be completed by March 2024 with a sustainability plan for the work.

Purpose: Funds will be granted to support MOs to contribute to one or more of the following:

Global Outcomes

Girls and young women are actively engaged at online safety advocacy in the local, national, regional, and international levels.

Global Outputs

Output 1: Girls and young women are trained on designing and leading their own advocacy campaigns (Led by Surf Smart Team).

Output 2: Local/national advocacy campaigns for internet safety are launched.

Output 3: Advocacy Champions are capacitated on participating in national, regional, and international events.

*Note: Between 10-20% of the total may be allocated to the administrative costs of the MO to support and deliver the programme.

Application Process

  1. Check you are eligible. To be eligible for this fund MOs must:
  2. Be up to date on payment of fees to WAGGGS OR have an agreed payment plan.
  3. Have adequate financial procedures in place to manage the grant – ideally demonstrated by audited accounts or other clear financial processes.
  4. Prepare application:

Your application should include:

  1. Project Plan with the budget. Please note that the advocacy training will be delivered by the Surf Smart Team at WAGGGS. The MOs are expected to implement and manage all other parts of the program.
    Download the Budget Template in English here
    Download the Budget Template in Spanish
    Download the Budget Template in French
    Download the Budget Template in Arabic

  2. Completed Application form
    Download the Application form in English
    Download the Application form in Spanish
    Download the Application form in French
    Download the Application form in Arabic

  3. Send Application: Please send completed applications to our email
  4. The application will be reviewed by Surf Smart Team
  5. MOs will receive a response to their application by the 30th of April 2023. Please note that the amount of funds granted will be decided after reviewing the project proposal and project plans.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email Dikchya Raut, Surf Smart Programme Advocacy Lead ( Or, Roji Tamang Program Assistant (

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