Do you want to help measure the impact and reach of Campfire? Do you have a high-level understanding of Google Analytics and how to use it effectively?


The Campfire Team are looking for someone with Google Analytics skills to advise, assist or support them to set it up effectively for Campfire. We are open to any offers of assistance including:

  • Someone who has the time to assist with setting it up effectively
  • Someone with a thorough knowledge of Google Analytics who can have a conversation with the Campfire Team to direct their learning and/or increase their understanding of what is required for setting it up effectively
  • Suggestions of professionals who provide training on using Google Analytics effectively
  • And anything in between!

Timeframe: As soon as possible

Questions? Email the Digital Learning and Community Manager, Robyn Gibbs at

If you are NOT part of our WAGGGS Volunteers’ Pool yet but want to apply for this role, just follow the simple steps below before applying:

If you or someone you know can assist, please email

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