Young Women’s Advocacy Forum @Women Deliver 2019

Women Deliver is the largest global conference on gender equality and the health, rights, and well being of girls and women.

Highlights from the Young Women’s Advocacy Forum

Check out all the highlights from the WAGGGS delegates at the Young Women’s Advocacy Forum and Women Deliver.

More than 6,000 world leaders, influencers, advocates, academics, activists, and journalists will come together in Vancouver from 3-6 June with the aim of promoting and achieving progress for girls and women everywhere.

The conference will include a wide range of voices and will present new knowledge and solutions. It will focus on many key areas from health, nutrition, education, economic and political empowerment to human rights, good governance, and girls’ and women’s agency and equality.

WAGGGS and Women Deliver 2019

WAGGGS will be there, ensuring the issues that matter most to members are on the agenda. Our Girl Powered Nutrition and Action on Body Confidence programmes will be holding a pre-conference ‘Young Women’s Advocacy Forum’ to help youth delegates plan a project in their country and support them with practical advocacy, communication and media skills training.

Then, at the conference itself, through events, our WAGGGS booth and most importantly our 15 youth delegates we aim to make sure your stories are told and your voices are heard!

Get involved!

Not going to the Conference? Not a problem! There are lots of way to get involved.

Virtual Conference: Women Deliver will be streaming a four-day programme of events exclusively for an online audience to enjoy and interact with. Register via or Facebook

See what we’re up to: our 15 youth delegates will be live tweeting and covering the event on social media. Follow them via the WAGGGS Twitter and Instagram pages

Join the online conversation: Use the hashtags #ThePowerOf or #forherworld to share your thoughts and experiences.

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