17 Septiembre 2023
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WAGGGS and WOSM Europe Region Committees met from 2nd to 5th March in Lund. Olivia and Martin from the respective Committees are from Sweden and they welcomed us to their town!

The WAGGGS Europe Committee had important items on the agenda but the spirits were high!

It was an important moment as all 6 members of the Committee met together since the Regional Conference!

Highlights of the meeting:

  • Met with the WAGGGS and WOSM Swedish ICs Linn and Albin, and one of the Secretary-generals Anna-Karin who were great hosts showing us how far the Swedish movement has come
  • Visited a regional event organised by 15-18 year-old Guides and Scouts from Scouterna
  • Discussed items of common interest with WOSM Scouting in Europe
  • Made important decisions for the WAGGGS Movement in Europe

More details of the outcome of the meeting and updates to MOs will soon come by Euromail.

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