By developing your own campaign to stop violence against girls and young women, you can take action to solve problems and create social change.

The World Association has a host of resources that can support you in developing your own campaign. This can also apply to a Member Organisation that wants to tailor the Stop the Violence campaign to their own country context. 

Girls and young women will continue to be affected by violence until there is social change in communities and countries. Ending violence means creating change at many levels: people’s knowledge, attitudes and beliefs, policies and laws, and practice. A campaign to end violence will take significant time and effort to create a change, but the results will speak for themselves. 

Here are some ideas on activities that your campaign could include: 

2013_stop the violence_infographic_learn

2013_stop the violence_infographic_communicate

2013_stop the violence_infographic_speak out

2013_stop the violence_infographic_have a conversation

2013_stop the violence_infographic_writing

2013_stop the violence_infographic_fundraising

2013_stop the violence_infographic_lobby

Coming soon will be more resources on creating your own campaign, including an 11 step guidance document and information on how to run an event.


Violence against girls and young women includes many topics that are sensitive and can be challenging to talk about. Topics may be “socially taboo” or may bring up unresolved emotions for people. Please take time to look at our safety considerations for some guidance on the elements to consider when talking about violence and how to handle disclosures of violence.

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