Stop the Violence Fund


The Stop the Violence (STV) Fund is open to WAGGGS Member Organisations to support them with specific costs in delivering the Voices against Violence (VAV) programme to more girls and boys in a safe and effective way and creating national advocacy campaigns.

The fund is available for all MOs, for both those that have attended an ACTIVATE training and are seeking funding to implement their roll out plan, and those that would like to host their own ACTIVATE event, to train leaders in how to deliver the VAV programme. Furthermore, the fund is available for MOs that wish to develop girl-led national advocacy campaigns to tackle specific forms of violence prevalent in the communities.

MOs can apply for any amount up to 3000 GBP .

How to apply to the fund

  1. Download and fill out the Application Form
  2. Complete an MO Rollout Plan – this is your work plan and national strategy for rolling out the VAV programme or an advocacy campaign. The level of detail submitted in this plan will help us assess the funding application.
  3. Email the completed application to

Download the Application Form in Arabic

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