Olave Baden-Powell Society Board Members

The Olave Baden-Powell Society Board are dedicated supporters of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting, who volunteer their time and expertise to the Society

OBPS Young Supporters

What does the Board do?

The Board helps direct and deliver the OB-PS strategy and ensure that the Society continues to grow and develop. They work throughout the year to help the Society achieve its objectives and are actively involved in recruiting new OB-PS supporters.

OBPS Board 2020

How does the Board work?

Members of the Board are nominated by supporters of OB-PS and serve for a period of four years. The Board has up to 14 members who meet regularly (virtually) throughout the year and face to face at least annually to discuss the strategy and objectives for the Society.

OBPS Patron

Our Royal Patron

The Patron of the Society is HRH Princess Benedikte of Denmark, an active participant in Board matters who attends each meeting, providing valuable input and guidance.

Patron – HRH Princess Benedikte of Denmark

HRH Princess Benedikte of Denmark

Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte of Denmark has been the royal patron of OB-PS since its inception in 1984. She is the little sister of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. For decades, members of the Danish Royal Family have committed themselves to the Girl Guides and Girl Scout Movement nationally as well as internationally. Her Royal Highness is president of the Joint Committee of Girl Guides in Denmark and chairs its meetings. In 1993 the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts presented Princess Benedikte with their prestigious Silver Medal for outstanding service.

She dutifully attends each OB-PS Board meeting, which take place twice a year, as well as the annual OB-PS Event which is held in a different country each year. At these events, Her Royal Highness presents new supporters with their OB-PS certificate and pin and formally welcomes them into the Society. She also presents the Princess Benedikte Award, given out in her honour, to some of our most generous donors.

Outside of Guiding and Scouting, Princess Benedikte’s main focus is on social, cultural, health and sport issues. Her Royal Highness takes a keen interest in the work of the Danish Alzheimerforening as well as in the World Diabetes Foundation, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the Foundation for Allergy Research in Europe, the National Society Against Eating Disorders, the SOS Children’s Village Denmark and the Paralympic Committee Denmark, organisations of which she is the patron.

Her Majesty Queen Azizah (Malaysia)
OB-PS Benefactor

Queen Azizah

Her Majesty Queen Azizah of Pahang, Malaysia has been an avid and passionate supporter of Girl Guiding in Malaysia, and the Asia Pacific Region. Her Majesty Queen Azizah truly believes that Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting is the very best cause in the world.

On a personal level, Her Majesty Queen Azizah of Pahang, Malaysia combines her own desire for action with very active promotion of the cause – giving both her time and her support unstintingly to Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting. Her support as a patron of the Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS has been remarkable. Both her support and endorsement has seen the organisation grow, raising substantial funds to support the additional work within the region.

Her Majesty Queen Azizah of Pahang, Malaysia brings a combination of enthusiasm, networking, personal magnetism, and proven fund-raising skills. Her Majesty Queen Azizah has also served as one of the Global Girls Fund Ambassadors for WAGGGS. She is also the area President for South East Asia and the Far East in Associated Country Women of the World, ACWW. Her Majesty Queen Azizah has been Vice Chairman of the ACWW United Nations Committee attending UNESCO in Paris and CSW in New York.

The Board Members

President/ Chair of the Board - Susan Campbell (Australia)

Susan Campbell

Susan is a passionate advocate for Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting and is active in a range of areas across the WAGGGS Organisation. A member of OB-PS since 2008, Susan has seen first-hand the positive and lasting impact the Society has had in supporting the WAGGGS Mission and most importantly making a difference in the lives of girls and young woman.

Susan has been a volunteer with Girl Guides Australia for more than 40 years, most recently supporting work in the areas of governance, international experience and human resource management. In 2017 she was awarded the Silver Kangaroo for her significant contribution to World Guiding. Susan is a strong supporter of the work of the five World Centres.

In her professional life, Susan is an educationalist. In the past fifteen years has held leadership and management roles in a number of educational institutions in Australia. She is a trained mentor and coach and has been invited by organisations in different parts of the world to build the capacity of individuals and teams. Susan specialises in change management, strategic planning and governance. She has chaired international conferences and committees applying her skills in consensus building, influencing and negotiating skills and clarity of thought. Susan is currently a partner in an international consultancy firm and travels extensively internationally.

Ekua Abudu, Vice-President (Nigeria)

Ekua Abudu

Ekua is a huge supporter and advocate for Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting. She is a lawyer, educationist and a seasoned administrator with the ability to lead, manage and develop organisations to grow into high performance organisations.

She has a successful track record working in a pioneering environment, managing change and creating opportunities for growth. Ekua Co-Founded the Greenwood House school 24 years ago, leading it to become a household name and 1 of the top 5 Nursery/Primary schools in Lagos. She also founded VPDA (Vocational and Professional Development Academy) last year helping to bridge the skills gap in the economy. Ekua served as the 53rd President of IWS (International Women’s Society) in 2010 –and is now a member of the Board of Trustees. She was also the President of AISEN (Association of International Schools of Nigeria) from 2012 to 2015. In May (2017), Mrs Ekua Abudu received an Honorary Doctorate from the State University of New York for Philosophy in Educational Management in recognition of her contribution to Education in Nigeria. She is also currently the Chairman of IDAN (Interior Designers Association of Nigeria). As you can tell she is a woman of many parts.

Marg Devlin, Vice-President (Australia)

Marg Devlin

Marg joined OB-PS in 2009, being presented in 2010. She was elected to the Board in 2014 and Vice-President in 2018. Marg has extensive knowledge and experience of Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting, still being an active Member in Australia. She has travelled widely with her husband and family.

Marg is passionate about education, both formal and informal, of girls and women worldwide. Professionally Marg was a teacher and educational administrator and has been involved in education, in girls and women’s sport and in Girl Guiding most of her life. She sees education, participation, enjoyment and broad opportunities as being of fundamental importance to all girls and women.

Marg has served on a number and a variety of Boards including those of Strathcona Baptist Girls’ Grammar School, Women’s Hockey Australia and on the Boards of both Girl Guides Australia and Victoria. She has been particularly involved in the development of Constitutions and Policies, Strategic Planning and Pastoral/Volunteer/Donor Care.

Dato Sri Anne Eu, J.P. (Malaysia)

Dato Anne

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Dato Sri Anne Eu is the Chairman of Eu Yan Sang Malayisa. She is responsible for growing the corporate and retail business in Malaysia, through developing local and international marketing strategies and business opportunities.

Prior to this, Dato Sri Anne Eu was an Investment Manager for Sime Darby Insurance Division, in charge of investment management.

Under her stewardship, Eu Yan Sang Malaysia has recorded steady growth and increased recognition. She is instrumental in driving business growth and broadening market appeal with organic and halal-certified TCM products. She was selected and voted by Amazons.com watch as The Top 100 Most Influential Women In Emerging Economies in 2017. She has remained a glimpse of sunshine and proven the ever popular statement of “Every Country needs 3 pillars of the strength of a woman – Fortitude, Steadfastness and Tenacity.

Dato Sri Anne Eu is an active philanthropist who is involved in many charity works. She founded Roti Malaysia in 2011 which delivers daily bread from 5 stars hotel to the various old folks homes and orphanages in Malaysia. She serves as the President for this charity organization. She is also the Chairman for the Registered Trustee of the Joseph William Yee Eu Foundation, an educational charity foundation which assists underprivileged children for their education needs. She initiated the Flagbearer Education Association to support the children of the missing and deceased crew members from MH 370 and MH 17 for their education needs too.

In addition, she is an active member of the Board of Trustees of the Tunku Azizah Fertility Foundation (TAFF). TAFF assists childless couples with medical costs for those who can’t afford the high costs of fertility treatments. She also sits on the Board of Cancer Research Malaysia (CRM), as she believes in the research of creating bespoke cancer treatments according to the genetic profile of individual cancer patients.

She was recognised as one amongst Asia’s HEROES OF PHILANTHROPY by US Forbes magazine in 2016. She earned praise for both her business acumen as well as for her charitable activities, having set up various Charity Foundations and spearheading several campaigns to help the less fortunate and the underprivileged.

Ah Sook Hwang (Korea)

AhSook Hwang

Ah Sook joined OB-PS in 2009, and is also an active Member of Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS.

Ah Sook is a successful Entrepreneur and runs a logistics and customs firm. Ah Sook is involved various types of business groups in different business fields. Ah Sook’s skills include setting up strategies, risk, communication, and handling challenges. The groups consist of CEOs, therefore, Ah Sook can promote OBPS externally to recruit new members via those networks.

Ah Sook has been a Girl Scout her whole life and contributes to society with the many things she learnt as Girl Scout. Ah Sook was a leader of the Host Committee when Korea hosted the 2009 OB-PS Annual Event, she also coordinated the 2011 & 2019 Friends of Asia Pacific Annual Event hosted in Korea. Ah Sook has learnt and practiced various skills for fundraising with Juseon Byun since her 20s. I believe that my position and experience can persuade and recruit sponsors in different ways, support in different ways.

Ah Sook She joined the Board in 2022 and is very much looking forward to working with the OB-PS Board to use her position and experience to help persuade and recruit sponsors in different ways to help develop WAGGGS.

Morag Liddell (UK)

Morag Liddel

Morag joined OB-PS in 2004. She lives in Scotland, UK. She has been a member of Girl Guiding in the UK since she joined as a Brownie and has held many roles as an adult for over 40 years. She firmly believes in International Guiding having led groups and visited Pax Lodge, Sangam and Our Cabana, as well as attending many OB-PS Annual Meetings. Morag has a passionate belief in young people and believes that Girl Guiding can inspire and motivate girls and young women to be better than they think they can be. Girls of today have many challenges in life and being involved with Girl Guiding can develop confidence and build resilience, so that they can cope with what life has to offer. Girls need mentoring, support and encouragement to take opportunities as they present themselves. For all girls, we should never underestimate that meeting together, having fun and being kind to each other brings mutual respect, and this leads to understanding and tolerance.

Morag firmly believes in international collaboration and activities, exchange of views, working together with a common purpose, and WAGGGS can provide this. But to be successful in reaching girls especially those who need Girl Guiding most, financial support is crucial. That is why she is an OB-PS supporter.

Morag’s business background is in Governance, Strategy, Project Management and IT, working with Footsie 100 companies, and she then started her own consultancy business. She believes that transferable skills are crucial in volunteer organisations. She joined the Board in 2020 and is very much looking forward to working with the OB-PS Board to help in strengthening financial support to WAGGGS.

Kris McCann (USA)

Kris McCann

I am thrilled to recently be elected as a member of the OB-PS Board of Directors. This is my 60th year in Girl Scouting and my 14th year as a member of the Olave Baden Powell Society. I am a connector that loves connecting people, places, things and ideas together in order to make a difference in this world. Hopefully, I will be able to bring my leadership, vision, creativity, personal commitment, enthusiasm and background in fund development and organizational development to the Board of Directors of OB-PS. Most of my Girl Scout/Guide experiences have taken place in the United States where I have been a girl member, a volunteer in many capacities, a professional Girl Scout serving in a Girl Scout Council and as a member of the staff of GSUSA. I also have been on the board of a council and on many committees at GSUSA.

I have a passion for our worldwide movement! For the past four years, I have served as a USA OB-PS Ambassador. Of all of the organizations and experiences that I have had in my life, the experience with the Girl Scout/Guide movement has shaped me into the person that I am today. I have received so much and want to continue to give back. In my professional life, I have worked in real estate and non-profit management. Over the past twenty years, I have served as the founding Executive Director of three non-profit organizations that build quality affordable housing for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities in California. I love travel, skiing, yoga, mountain climbing, meditating, biking and anything outdoor.

I have a great family, two children and a wonderful partner. I hope to really make that difference as a board member of OB-PS!!!

Kaela Sáenz Oriti (USA)

Kaela Oritiz

A lifetime member of Girl Scouts USA, Kaela Sáenz Oriti became a supporter of OB-PS in 2003 to further the mission of WAGGGS. During her 2020-2024 term as an OB-PS board member, Kaela will be celebrating 40 years as a Girl Scout—40 years of experiencing first-hand the impact of WAGGGS on young women as they build leadership skills, global perspectives, confidence, and a network of friends and sisters that is 10 million strong. A Texas native, Kaela is currently living with her husband Don, a new OB-PS Member, in Seattle, Washington.

In her professional life, Kaela is the director of client services for an education technology company that serves colleges and universities. She also worked as an educator and non-profit leader for more than 15 years. She uses the skills she learned as a Girl Scout to be a trailblazer—developing and executing initiatives that build on strategic vision, increase impact, cultivate advocates, deepen participant engagement, and enrich the client and volunteer experience. In addition to her deep support for WAGGGS, Kaela has a passion for art and has held staff positions in numerous art museums and served on multiple arts-related boards.

As an OB-PS Board member, Kaela is eager to play an integral role in creating a sustainable future for the Girl Guide and Girl Scout Movement—a future that provides other young leaders the opportunity to open their horizons and what they can do to change the world.

Leena Suviranta (Finland)


Leena joined OB-PS in 2000, first through the “In Memoriam Membership” for her late Mother, Dr. Annikki Suviranta.

Since the age of ten she has been very active in Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting, and has held various leadership positions in Guiding and Scouting in Finland. Currently she is a member of the board of governors of the Finnish Scout Foundation. Leena joined the Board in 2022, and is very much looking forward to using her existing skillset and knowledge to help with recruitment of new members, while motivating existing members with upgrades and other fundraising activities within OB-PS.

Leena is retired after a long and successful career in various HR positions. Leena has been an OB-PS National Coordinator in Finland from 2016 till 2022, and has really helped engage Finnish members during her term, keeping them active and donating to OB-PS and WAGGGS.

Margaret Treloar (Canada)

Margaret Treloar

Marg joined OB-PS in 1996, and has been a very active WAGGGS and OB-PS Member and Supporter, attending many events either representing WAGGGS’ World Board or as an OB-PS member. Marg served as Chair of WAGGGS World Board from 2008 to 2011, and co-chaired the 2019 OB-PS Event in Toronto.

Marg’s experience includes numerous opportunities to facilitate development and leadership events across the globe, which has given her a deep understanding of the challenges that face girls and young women in different countries, as well as the challenges facing the leaders of many Member Organizations. This work has confirmed Marg’s beliefs in the benefits of the Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting program and the resilience of its members.

Marg is a Canadian food scientist and product development expert, and in 1984 founded Treloar Product Development International Inc., a consulting firm specializing in improved methods for product development.

Marg joined the Board in 2022 and is very much looking forward to continuing to explore opportunities to engage supporters and provide tailored recognition as appropriate, as well as working with the experienced fundraisers across the membership of OB-PS, to continue to benefit from their expertise as much as possible.

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