Bring In the Girls!

Girls and young women worldwide share their views on climate change

Research has shown that climate change has a disproportionate impact on girls and women. Yet, despite this, girls’ voices are not adequately represented in climate discussions, resulting in policies that do not address their specific needs.

This needs to change.

To amplify girls’ and young women’s voices, the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) and UNICEF with the support of The UPS Foundation launched a global consultation to better understand girls' and young women’s perceptions of climate change. The consultation took place online, through U-Report, and offline through in-person activities led by Climate Poll Ambassadors In total, 33,523 girls and young women from 90 countries were consulted.

Now, it is time to listen to them.

The “Bring In the Girls!: Girls and young women’s views on climate change” report explores the experiences of girls and young women within this topic and presents four powerful ways to include girls in the climate discussion so they can be heard, supported, and empowered to take the lead.

Because when they do, girls are unstoppable.

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  • Publication date: 13th April 2022
  • Author(s): WAGGGS
  • Length: 29 pages
  • Resource type: Reports & research
  • Resource topic: Climate Change
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