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Scout and Guide Association of Croatia
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On my honor, I promise that I will do my best To fulfill my civil duties, To be devoted to spiritual principles, To help other people at all times, And to obey the Scout/Guide Law

Scout and Guide Promise

  • A Scout/Guide has honor and courage
    A Scout/Guide is fair, honest, just and has no vice. A Scout/Guide respects the set rules. A Scout/Guide is not afraid to do the right thing despite all difficulties. 

  • A Scout/Guide is hardworking and trustworthy
    A Scout/Guide is persistent and appreciates work. A Scout/Guide is responsible for carrying out the common decisions and the assumed obligations. It is a Scout’s/Guide's honor to gain trust through his/her deeds. 

  • A Scout/Guide listens and reasons
    A Scout/Guide obeys parents, leaders, older and people of more experience. A Scout/Guide  is consciously disciplined. A Scout/Guide is polite, peaceable and kind. A Scout/Guide is reasonable and tries hard to solve problems and overcome the challenges. 

  • A Scout/Guide learns and acts
    A Scout/Guide constantly learns, acquires and applies new knowledge and skills. A Scout/Guide is active, bold, decisive and persistent. 

  • A Scout/Guide seeks and believes
    A Scout/Guide keeps posing questions and searching for answers. A Scout/Guide believes in himself/herself, in his/her friends and leaders. A Scout/Guide is always optimistic, convinced in good outcome of his/her achievements. A Scout/Guide lives according to his/her faith. 

  • A Scout/Guide is cheerful and sociable
    A Scout/Guide is always bright-spirited, and through hard times his/her brightness encourages others. A Scout/Guide is a good friend. A Scout/Guide sees every Scout /Guide in the world as his/her brother or sister. 

  • A Scout/Guide is loyal and selfless
    A Scout/Guide is devoted to his/her colleagues and leaders, his/her family and country. A Scout/Guide is devoted, humble and grateful. A Scout /Guide shares everything with others. 

  • A Scout/Guide loves and appreciates
    A Scout/Guide loves himself/herself and others. A Scout/Guide loves nature, gets acquainted with it and protects it. A Scout/Guide appreciates and develops spiritual and cultural values. A Scout/Guide respects other people, different habits, creeds and beliefs. 

  • A Scout/Guide cares and safeguards.
    A Scout/Guide is neat and economical, safeguards his/her own and common belongings. A Scout/Guide  takes care of his/her health and physical abilities and stays away from hazardous habits. A Scout/Guide cherishes his/her honor and the prestige of his/her association, as well as of the entire Scout Movement. A Scout/Guide is considerate, benevolent, and tolerant, sympathizes with others and takes care of them. 

  • A Scout/Guide serves and leads
    A Scout/Guide is a valuable member of the community. A Scout /Guide helps the younger and the weaker. A Scout/Guide works with friends in the team and develops leader skills. 

I promise that I will do my best, To be a good Cub Scout/Brownie, To honor my Country, respect the faith, Learn and respect the Scout/Guide Laws.

Cub Scout and Brownie Promise
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