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International Commissioner 
C/ Tudelililla 16,
Entrada C/. Bellavista

Tel: +34976453841 | Fax: +34976453841

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Component Associations

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Escoltes Catalans (EC)

International Commissioner WAGGGS
Mare De Déu Del Pilar 18

Website:  |  Email:
Tel: +34932689110  |  Fax: +34932689112

Federacion Catalana D'escoltisme I Guiatge (FCEG) Logo

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Federacion Catalana D'escoltisme I Guiatge (FCEG)

International Commissioner WAGGGS
Mare De Déu Del Pilar, 18
Barcelona 08003

Website:  |  Email:
Tel:  +34932689113  |  Fax: +34932689112

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Federacion Española de Guidismo (FEG) 

International Commissioner (WAGGGS)
C/. Tudelilla 16, Entrada C/. Bellavista
ZARAGOZA, 50007, Spain

Tel: +34945174491 | Fax: 3976453841

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Minyons Escoltes I Guies Sant Jordi De Catalunya (MEGSJC)

International Commissioner (WAGGGS)
Rambla Mossèn Jacint Verdaguer 10
Sant Cugat E- 08197

Website:  |  Email:
Tel: +34935902700  |  Fax: +34935902700

Development of the Movement

Guiding began in San Sebastián in 1929, and soon afterwards groups of Guides appeared elsewhere in the country, including Zaragoza, Valencia and Madrid. Activities were organised and coordinated by the Asociación de las Guías de España. 

In Catalonia Guiding started in 1932, the Germanor de Noies Guides developing along similar lines to the Asociación de las Guías de España. Guide companies were quickly formed, followed by Brownie packs and a Ranger section.

During the Civil War (1936-1939) all Guiding ceased in Spain and it was not until 1947 that activities were restarted. By 1955, Guiding had developed throughout the country and the Guides joined to form the Federación Guías de España. In 1962 the Federation was replaced by the Comité de Enlace del Guidismo en España/Comitè d’Enllaç del Guiatge a Espanya (CEGE).

From 1984 the CEGE was made up of two federations: the Federació Catalana d’Escoltisme i Guiatge, active in the Catalonian territory, and which had 7,000 members (90%); and the Federación Española de Guidismo, active in the rest of the Spaniard Estate, and which had 700 numbers (10%). The CEGE aims to maintain mutual aid and co-operation between its two federations.

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