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On my honour, with the grace of God, I undertake: To do my best to serve God, the Church and my country, To help others in all circumstances, To keep the Guide Law.

Togo Guide Promise

Togo Guide Law

  1. A Guide is loyal
  2. A Guide thinks first of others
  3. A Guide is generous: she is prepared to help
  4. A Guide is welcoming: she has team spirit
  5. A Guide, sister to every other Guide, is at the service of all
  6. A Guide learns about nature, in which she sees God’s work
  7. A Guide knows how to obey
  8. A Guide does not fear endeavour; she does nothing by halves
  9. A Guide likes her work and respects that of others
  10. A Guide is self-controlled; she is pure and cheerful

I promise to do my best: to be faithful to God, my country, my parents and the Law of the Pack, and to do a good turn to someone every day.

Togo Brownie Promise

Brownie Law

  1. A Brownie is always clean
  2. A Brownie is always active
  3. A Brownie is always cheerful
  4. A Brownie always tells the truth
  5. A Brownie thinks first of others

Development of the Movement

Girl Guiding in Togo began in 1942 with the formation of the Eclaireuses Unionistes du Togo, and in 1956 Guides du Togo was established. Activities of the two organizations were carried out under the auspices of Scoutisme Féminin du Togo. The members of the Eclaireuses Unionistes du Togo were mainly in rural areas of the country, while the Guides du Togo had members in schools and parishes, and also in the countryside. The Association caters for the special needs of Roman Catholic girls.

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