Do you want to help empower over 3.6 million girls and young women in the Asia Pacific Region? Support our work by becoming a Friend of Asia Pacific WAGGGS!

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Who are Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS (FAPW)?

Founded in 1999, FAPW is made up of over 2,800 Friends across 31 countries. All share the core belief of enabling girls throughout the Asia Pacific Region to reach their full potential. Read more about our history.

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Can I join?

Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS is open to any individual who supports the Vision and Mission of WAGGGS, and who donates £80 or more towards the AP Region. There are 8 levels, all of which are based on your lifetime giving.

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Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS Giving Levels

To join, donate the amount for your chosen level. To upgrade, pay the difference between your current level and new level. FAPW has 8 different Giving Levels. See the FAPW Levels page for more information.

As a Friend of Asia Pacific WAGGGS you will:

  • Join a global group of individuals committed to empowering girls
  • Be kept up to date with the Focus on Friends newsletter
  • Receive a special pin and certificate
  • Receive invitations to special national and regional events

You can download the application form

or apply online through the donate button at the top of this page.


Join the Olave Baden-Powell Society and Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS

You can join both the Olave Baden-Powell Society and Friends of Asia Pacific Region WAGGGS. Just fill in the form above and check the box 'I want to join OB-PS as well'. We'll get in touch to confirm the rest.

You can join OB-PS by making a £6,000 donation to WAGGGS. £1,000 of your donation will go towards the Asia Pacific Region, making you a Major Donor Friend of Asia Pacific as well as an OB-PS supporter.

Fundraising Team

Questions about donations or fundraising? | Get in touch!
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