Northstar Report - 2014 Membership Pathways Research

As part of our work in Membership Development last year we commissioned a Global market research and insights consultancy Northstar Research Partners, to answer the question of  why are we only reaching 1% of the 900 million girls under 15 so we can be sure to that we actually reach 12 million in 2020.  

The findings identify the barriers that prevent us from growing and recommendations on what we need to do differently to achieve our goal.

This study took place in five countries: Madagascar, Malaysia, Oman, Poland and St Vincent and the Grenadines, where, with the help of the local MOs, we conducted face to face interviews, roundtables and online surveys with people inside and outside the movement. The findings of this research and the key recommendations of what we need to do to reach 12 million girls and young women by 2020 were shared at the 35 World Conference in Hong Kong and were summarised in 3 words: Keep – Retain – Change.

As a result of this work Northstar were awarded the Market Research Society Award for International Research 2014.

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