Les Scouts Tunisiens

Chief Commissioner
Tunis Mahragene
PO Box 339
1082 TUNIS

Email: scout.tunisien@planet.tn
Tel: +21671790501 | Fax:+21671791206

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I promise to do my best: To do my duty to God and my country, To help others, and To follow the Guide Law.

Tunisia Guide Promise

Tunisia Guide Law

  1. A Girl Guide believes in God and is loyal to her country.
  2. A Girl Guide is noble and keeps her promise.
  3. A Girl Guide is genuine and contemporary.
  4. A Girl Guide is disciplined and law abiding.
  5. A Girl Guide is alert and attentive.
  6. A Girl Guide looks after the environment.
  7. A Girl Guide is a manager and is conscientious.
  8. A Girl Guide is loyal and respects the property of others.
  9. A Girl Guide is useful and overcomes difficulties.
  10. A Girl Guide is pure in thought, word and in deed.

Development of the Movement

The Guide Movement in Tunisia was founded in 1934. In 1991, the Female Section of Scouts Tunisiens established a strategy to develop the Guide Movement until 2002, thus implementing the recommendation of the WAGGGS World Conference and the Arab Conference concerning ‘the development of girls and young women’. Their strategy is to develop and promote educational programmes and methods according to the needs of girls and young women, and the needs of the community.

This is achieved through:

  • Integration into the community by participating effectively in satisfying needs and working with associations and organisations concerned with community development;
  • Increasing the number of members by at least 50%;
  • Finding adequate funding, encouraging the plans for self-funding, and by providing training centres and adequate equipment and resources;
  • Developing public relations and communications with official bodies and local organisations, and using mass media, seminars and publications to achieve effective publicity for the Movement.

The Association’s headquarters is a modern, vast centre, donated from the state. It is situated in the centre of Tunis and is well equipped, with large meeting rooms and offices. The National Congress is the decision and policy-making body of the Association, and determines guidelines for activities and the policies to adopt. It meets every three years and is chaired by the President. It is made up of the Executive Council, the Technical Section’s Council, ten members appointed by the Chief Commissioner, regional, local and unit representatives.

The National Council is elected by the Congress, and its mission is to monitor the management of the Association and to ensure the implementation of the Congress decisions. Ten seats on the National Council have been reserved for the Guide branch. The female leadership, with seven members on the Executive Council, has a stronger representation on this council. The Chief Commissioner is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Association.

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