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On my honor, I promise that I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country, to help others and to obey the Girl scout/Girl Guides law

Syria Guide Promise

Syria Guide Law

  1. A girl scout is truthful
  2. A girl scout is loyal
  3. A girl scout is useful
  4. A girl scout is a brother to all other girl scouts
  5. A girl scout is courteous
  6. A girl scout is a friend to the environment
  7. A girl scout is obedient
  8. A girl scout smiles under all difficulties
  9. A girl scout is thrifty
  10. A girl scout is pure in thought in word and in deed
  11. A girl scout's honor is to be trusted and relied on

Development of the Movement

Guiding and Scouting has been in existence in Syria since the 1950s. The 3rd Arab Regional Conference was held in Damascus in 1970, followed by the Arab Committee Meeting in 1976. (This was the time when the Arab Region was still called the Arab Bureau) The dominating political party, the Baath Arab Socialist Party, banned all Youth Organizations, as they were influenced by extremist groups and could become a threat to the National security. As a result, the Guiding/Scouting Movement ceased to be officially recognized from the 1980s. Syria entered a new phase following the election of Bashar Al-Assad, the President of Syria and in July 2000 Guiding and Scouting was again allowed to operate.

There is a strong National Board Team that works well together. Their commendable and outstanding effort to re-launch Guiding/Scouting Movement in the Syrian society has not only been successful in recruiting new members, but also in gaining the full trust and credibility of the people. There is big potential for growth within the Association and this will have a great impact in shaping, developing and improving the position of women in the society. There is very good and strong cooperation between Guides and Scouts and many events and trainings are carried out jointly, however, most of their units are single-sex.

Restarting Guiding/Scouting in Syria has proven to be exciting and rewarding for many former Scouts and Guides Leaders. The current membership figure is 1020 but a big increase is expected within the next triennium.

Guiding is open to girls and young women from all ethnic groups and religious backgrounds Guiding is mostly carried out in clubs and local communities and includes a cross section of girls and young women from various backgrounds and faiths. Muslims and Christians work in good harmony. The former Guide/Scout Leaders are playing a pivotal role in the growth of the Association. Their dedication, hard work and true Guiding/Scouting spirit is very refreshing and rewarding to witness.

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