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I promise on my honour: To fulfil my duty towards God, my country and the King, To help people, and To keep the Guide Law.

Jordan Guide Promise

Jordan Guide Law

  1. The Guide’s honour is to be trusted. (Honourable)
  2. The Guide is faithful to God, to her country, to her parents and to her superiors and subordinates. (Faithful)
  3. The Guide is useful and helps others. (Useful)
  4. The Guide is a friend to all, and a sister of other Guides. (Friendly)
  5. The Guide is a girl of a good character. (Ethical)
  6. The Guide is kind to animals. (Kind)
  7. The Guide obeys her parents, the head of the Patrol Division, and the Leader of the group. (Obedient)
  8. The Guide faces hardship patiently smiling. (Smiling)
  9. The Guide is not extravagant. (Saving)
  10. The Guide should be clean, have a clean mind and thoughts. (Clean)

I promise to do my best: To do my duty to God, my country and the King, To obey the Brownie’s Law, and To carry out a good deed every day.

Brownie Promise

Development of the Movement

Guiding in Jordan began in 1938, although it was only in 1953 that the first Guide group was officially recognized. Girls in schools were then encouraged to become Guides, and courses were held for teachers wishing to become leaders.

In 1954 the first Brownie pack was started, and by 1955 membership had increased to about 2,000. In 1962 the Girl Guide Association of Jordan was set up and Her Majesty the late Queen Zein Al Sharaf appointed as its first Honorary President. The following year His Majesty the late King Hussein issued a decree placing the Association under royal patronage.

In 1975 the first conference of Scout and Guide leaders was held at Ajlun, the national campsite, where it was decided that the Girl Guide Association of Jordan would merge with the Boy Scouts Association. In 1976 the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides of Jordan was formed.

In 1985 the second conference of Scout and Guide leaders was held in Amman.

In 1988 Princess Basma Bint Talal became the President of the Jordanian Association of Boy Scouts and Girl Guides of Jordan. The 32nd World Conference was held in Jordan in 2005.

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