Call for Forum 2019 MO led workshops at Regional Conference are now open!

26 Abril 2019
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Networking and sharing have always been an important part of Regional Conferences and in 2019, we want it to be at the heart of the Conference programme.

Forum 2019 will open the space for Member Organisations and topic experts to share best practices, highlight innovative ideas, learn new strategies, and recognise common challenges and opportunities. As leaders of WAGGGS, Member Organisations offer unique and valued knowledge from real experiences gained by offering Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting in your country.

Forum 2019 will offer a mix of sessions that support capacity building in various formats. Sessions will range from plenary and workshop style to more relaxed formats and assist you in making connections, and sharing ideas across the Movement. Programme content will include topics that widely impact Member Organisations in our Region, such as the World Conference Motion 32 research on young women in governance, our flagship Capacity Building Tool for self-assessment, and expertise sharing across key capacity building areas.

Living the Conference Theme Through Forum 2019

The Regional Conference theme is Unite. Thrive. Grow! Forum 2019 will offer the opportunity to bring the theme to life by growing our capacity and knowledge, gaining new skills, and sharing experiences to achieve our Vision and Mission. Forum 2019 will enrich our understanding of high quality, sustainable Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting, and the diversity of our Movement, with sessions that highlight best practices in areas such as volunteerism, girl experience, inclusivity, partnership, social impact, change and innovation.

Forum MO led workshops

We would like to invite Member Organisations to submit proposals for sessions to be led by your delegation that speak to our Conference theme.

Your proposal should explore the theme from an angle of your choice that best shares the experience, activities and ideas of your Member Organisation in this area. You are encouraged to share your learning, highlighting successes and challenges, to help us all to grow.

The Forum team will select proposals that:

  • Best respond to the Conference theme
  • Demonstrate innovative ideas and examples from Member Organisations’ work
  • Are delivered using the WAGGGS non-formal educational method
  • Together, offer a rich and varied programme that represents the diversity of Member Organisations

Sessions will be 90 minutes long, with a maximum of 30 minutes spent on formal presentation, and the rest of the session facilitated as a participatory space using methods of your choosing.

You can deliver the session in English or French (interpretation will be provided for some of the sessions, depending on demand and interpretation availability). Sessions will run in parallel and will cater for different group sizes.

Once your proposal is selected you will be paired with a Forum 2019 mentor to help you create an incredible session.

Submit your session proposal for Forum 2019 by 20 May 2019 at 17:00 GMT.

Ideas Playground

Imagine a dedicated playful space at conference with an interactive, informative and vibrant atmosphere. Would you like to be part of that?

We are looking for MOs to help us share the wonderful things that they are doing within the Region in a way that will really engage everyone attending Conference. If you have activities, initiatives, or examples of great practice to share with others that fit the Conference Theme, but aren't suited to a 90’ workshop delivery style, we'd love to hear from you.

We're not looking for workshops, sessions, or lots of leaflets, but encourage you to think of how games, interactive stalls, or similar concepts could be worked into your ideas.

So, get your creative mindset in gear and get planning!

If you would like to have space in the Ideas Playground, submit your request before 20 May 2019.

As always, please feel free to contact if you need any assistance.

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