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16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence

16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence is a global campaign calling for an end to violence against women and girls. It takes place every year and begins on the 25th November, the International Day of the Elimination of Violence Against Women and finishes on Human Rights Day, the 10th of December.

Each year, WAGGGS and the Stop the Violence campaign invites the Movement to join an awareness-raising campaign on a certain thematic area. This year we have chosen the theme of victim-blaming, standing in solidarity with all girls and women who have been made to feel like they are responsible for the violence inflicted on them.

Victim blaming and the shaming of women and girls silences those experiencing violence but also reinforces a perpetrator's power and control - allowing them to continue abusive behaviour without consequences or punishment.

As we experience a new normal in this pandemic, let us work together to dismantle the culture of shame and blame that means that those abused often remain silent and support a Movement that stands for victims and supports them in speaking out and seeking justice.

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The different campaign elements


We’ve created a 16 Days of Activism Activity Pack on the theme of victim-blaming. It’s been designed for girls with sections for involving boys too and can be completed by individuals or groups, of all ages, both offline and online. It’s packed with activities and actions that everyone can take to mark 16 Days of Activism and tell the world that it's #notHERfault! Download it here.

Courtesy of the Malaysia Girl Guides Association, we have a 'video explaining how Guide and Scout leaders can deliver the Activity Pack to groups of girls and boys, online.


There will be two online panel discussions exploring the theme of victim-blaming. The first will be held on the 5th December at 13.00 GMT platforming girls’ voices and experiences and the second will be held on the 9th December with a mix of experts from around the world. Sign language and interpretation in French, Spanish and Arabic will also be available. Keep an eye on our global & regional social media accounts for further details.


We have prepared sample social media posts and sample social media graphics to help support your association to take part, from ‘oranging’ your digital spaces to promoting the activity pack to sharing content on victim-blaming. View the assets.


The poll (outlined below) has now closed but keep an eye on our social media for the results!

We have created a U-Report poll to record girls’ and boys’ knowledge, experience and attitudes towards victim-blaming. The poll is open to anyone over 13 years old with access to Facebook Messenger and will run from the 27th November - 4th December. Please encourage young people in your networks to share their experiences by promoting the poll across social media.

  1. Search for U-Report Global on Facebook Messenger or
  2. Message in the word ' Join'
  3. Register (Your details will remain 100% confidential and anonymous)
  4. Send in the word '16D' to trigger the poll to start

It only takes 2 minutes to complete!

Find out more and view sample posts to promote.


All Member Organisations of WAGGGS are eligible to apply for funds of up to £3000 to cover costs associated with delivering the Stop the Violence Campaign whether that’s rolling out the Voices Against Violence curriculum or a specific violence-related advocacy campaign of your choice. Find out more.

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We love sharing stories of your girl guides, girl scouts, and volunteers, and how you are supporting them as activists and advocates – tag @wagggsworld and keep sharing them using our thematic hashtag #notHERfault and #16Days.


WAGGGS and all Member Organisations must adhere to ‘do no harm’ approach to the telling and retelling of stories of survivor stories, only sharing stories with their informed consent and under conditions in which the subjects have agreed. This is vital for the engagement of advocates and activists on their own terms.


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Previous WAGGGS Campaigns

  • 2019: #OurStreetsToo #ImHereForHer we stood in solidarity with girls and women who experience harassment in the streets
  • 2018: #OurStreetsToo we called on governments around the world to stop street harassment
  • 2017: #GirlsAreUnsafe identified where girls felt the most unsafe by asking them to draw these places.
  • 2016: #16 Ways in #16Days shared stories and small personal steps everyone can take.
  • 2015: For Girls are valuable we asked girls to make noise about how girls aren’t valued.
  • 2014: For 16 Days. 16 Voices. we delivered a Stop the Violence Facilitators Training.
  • 2013: Bust the Myths: 16 Myths for 16 Days, showcased a harmful belief or myth on along with the reality.
  • 2012: From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World: Creating Safe Spaces asked groups to identify a space to make free from violence.

Previous 16 Days resources are available here.

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