16 Days of Activism

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16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence

16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence is a global campaign calling for an end to violence against women and girls. It takes place every year and begins on the 25th November, the International Day of the Elimination of Violence Against Women and finishes on Human Rights Day, the 10th of December.

Each year, WAGGGS and the Stop the Violence campaign invites the Movement to join an awareness-raising campaign on a certain thematic area. This year we have chosen the theme of Her story is Our Story.

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Creating Brave Spaces to Speak Truth - For her Voice, her Strength, her Story

By creating Brave Spaces for girls around the world to share their voice and stories on the experience, prevalence and thoughts of gender-based violence (GBV), we witness and give space to the universal existence of femicide in all its shades, alongside unite in solidarity with survivors. Sharing messages of solidarity and commitment to take action for an end of GBV.

Anniversaries and we still fight!

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of WAGGGS’ flagship Campaign - Stop the Violence. The programme came about after consultation with girls and young women about what concerns them the most and what they most want to take action on. A decade later, girls are still impacted and concerned about this.

During the global pandemic, over the last two years we have seen a greater explosion of violence against women and girls globally. As girls have become increasingly isolated, they have been prevented from being able to attend school or carry out guiding activities, the risk and exposure to violence has increased.

The Stop the Violence Campaign is needed now more than ever!

This 16 Days of Activism we want to talk about the global nature of violence against women and girls. We want to hear about the experiences of girls and young women and we want to build solidarity and connection across the world with survivors. We also want to support Member Organisations and girls in creating safe and brave spaces.

So on campaigning 30 years strong, we still need change and are committed to standing strong and taking action for that change. We will not stop until there is an end to GBV and all girls and young women are safe.

This is the moment when we are calling on the power of the girl guiding and girl scouting global movement to take action and shine their light as 1 in 10 million.

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How can YOU take and inspire action?

Let’s get Social!

Connect and join the social campaign - discuss, raise awareness, stand in solidarity. Imagine a world without gender based violence… Imagine.


  • Download: Use our HerStoryOurStory campaign communications assets, templates and messages within your organisation, unit/pack, personal social and media channels. View the Comms folder here. Let’s shout out together against GBV.

  • Create: On 25 November, this International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and the first day of 16 Days of Activism, be part of the WAGGGS chorus and send a strong message? To stop the violence and end the silence.

  • We ask you: “If there was no Gender-based violence in this world, what extra thing would you do tomorrow?”

In your own way, share this new world experience with us and respond by creating your own art / photograph / video and post it on social media alongside this message below:

“30 years strong and still standing strong for change. We will end GBV! Bearing witness, standing for change, taking action, listening to her voice. Changing #HerStoryOurStory.”

Use the additional hashtags too if there's space: #16 Days #orangetheworld #endGBV #orangeday #HearMeToo #wewontstopfighting #StopTheViolence

To hear our powerful and united Girl Guide & Girl Scout roar on social media, as 1 shining light in 10 million, please prepare and post this specific message on Wednesday 25 November.

Let’s Create a Brave Space

It is important that you create a space for children and young people to feel supported and comfortable to talk about their experiences, rights, gender equality and violence against girls and young women. We want children and young people to feel safe but also encouraged to speak out and share their experiences, concerns and points of view. We want participants to feel encouraged, that’s why we are setting not only a Safe Space but a ‘Brave Space’. Find out more and create your Brave Space by downloading the activity pack.

Let’s Tell Her Story, Our Story

Stories are power and universal. They are also healing and vehicles to process and connect. We have seen the power of personal stories to propel change and support survivors from #MeToo. Courage breeds courage as each new person adds their voice.

We want to create a safe anonymous space to allow girls and women to use their voice, strength and agency to speak out about their experiences of gender-based violence. We also want to create a space of global solidarity by sharing messages of support for survivors of violence. All messages will be shared anonymously.

As part of of our 16 days activity for change and solidarity, we have created an online message board where girls and young women from across the movement are invited to:

  1. Share their survivor stories anonymously.


  1. Share messages of support, solidarity and light with survivors.

Let’s take action - Activity Pack

Download, share and use the activity pack to run activities and sessions within your Member Organization. Fun, accessible, creating Brave Space.

The different campaign elements


We’ve created a 16 Days of Activism Activity Pack on the theme of Her Story is Our Story in recognition of the universal nature and impact of femicide. It’s been designed for all girls, and can be completed by individuals or groups, of all ages, both offline and online. It’s packed with activities and actions that everyone can take to mark 16 Days of Activism and encourage story telling for healing, understanding, solidarity and change. Understanding that we are all connected #HerStoryOurStory! Download it here.


WAGGGS Stop the Violence Safeguarding and Child Protection Virtual Workshop

Wednesday 1 December | 13.00 GMT | 75 Minutes 

Workshop Objective: To understand the need for strong safeguarding policies and how to create one

The Stop the Violence team is pleased to invite member organisations to a virtual workshop on safeguarding and child protection as part of 16 Days of Activism.

Safeguarding is an action or series of actions taken to protect children from harm. Child protection is a part of safeguarding. This webinar workshop will include expert speakers and provide practical examples of how to create a strong policy within your guiding organisation.

The workshop is aimed at leaders of member organisations that currently do not have a safeguarding policy or wish to know how to strengthen an existing policy and to give leaders the confidence to know how they can support a child who is being harmed or is at risk of being harmed.

The workshop will have simultaneous translation available in Arabic, French and Spanish.

In order to attend please register here

Zoom link will be send one day before the event


We have prepared sample social media posts and sample social media graphics to help support your association to take part: From ‘oranging’ your digital spaces raising awareness, to promoting the activity pack; sharing content inspiring action to imagining a world free of gender based violence.

View the assets.

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We love sharing stories about girl guides, girl scouts, and volunteers, and how leaders are supporting them as activists and advocates – tag @wagggsworld and keep sharing them using our thematic hashtag #HerStoryOurStory and #16Days.


WAGGGS and all Member Organisations must adhere to ‘do no harm’ approach to the telling and retelling of stories of survivor stories, only sharing stories with their informed consent and under conditions in which the subjects have agreed. This is vital for the engagement of advocates and activists on their own terms.


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Previous WAGGGS Campaigns

  • 2020: #notHERfault we stood against victim blaming, the shaming of girls and women who have been made to feel like they are responsible for the violence inflicted on them.
  • 2019: #OurStreetsToo #ImHereForHer we stood in solidarity with girls and women who experience harassment in the streets
  • 2018: #OurStreetsToo we called on governments around the world to stop street harassment
  • 2017: #GirlsAreUnsafe identified where girls felt the most unsafe by asking them to draw these places.
  • 2016: #16 Ways in #16Days shared stories and small personal steps everyone can take.
  • 2015: For Girls are valuable we asked girls to make noise about how girls aren’t valued.
  • 2014: For 16 Days. 16 Voices. we delivered a Stop the Violence Facilitators Training.
  • 2013: Bust the Myths: 16 Myths for 16 Days, showcased a harmful belief or myth on along with the reality.
  • 2012: From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World: Creating Safe Spaces asked groups to identify a space to make free from violence.

Previous 16 Days resources are available here.

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