We conducted an initial report in May 2020 to establish the impact of COVID-19 on our Movement. Following that time, seismic changes continued to affect all of our ways of working. We conducted an additional investigation to find out how the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic was impacting on all of you, and what interventions we needed to take. We collected information on the impacts on finances, Membership, activities and longer-term plans. We discovered that many of you are still coming to terms with the impact of COVID-19, and have yet to assess the longer-term implications. Just over half of respondents stated that they have not yet assessed how membership has been affected by COVID-19, and 40% are unsure of what the impact will look like at the end of 2020.

  • Publication date: 25th November 2020
  • Author(s): Membership and Regional Support
  • Length: 2 pages
  • Resource type: COVID-19 Response
  • Resource topic: Crisis Management
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