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02217 KYIV

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On my honour I promise that I will do my best: To do my duty to my country, Ukraine, To aspire to the highest spiritual ideals, To help other people, To keep the Guide Law.

Ukranian Guide Promise

Ukranian Guide Law

  1. A Guide’s honour can be trusted
  2. A Guide is loyal
  3. A Guide’s duty is to be useful and to help other people
  4. A Guide is a friend to all and a sister to all Guides
  5. A Guide is polite
  6. A Guide is a friend to animals; she loves and preserves nature
  7. A Guide is conscientious
  8. A Guide is cheerful in all difficulties
  9. A Guide is thrifty
  10. A Guide is pure in thought, word and deed

Development of the Movement

The Guide Movement was born in Ukraine in 1993: the first Guide Groups were in the Western (Chernovtsy), Central (Kiev) and Eastern (Kharkov) parts of the country.

Norway was identified as the Link country to support development of Guiding in Ukraine. Representatives of WAGGGS and of Norway made frequent visits to Ukraine to find women interested in Guiding and to lead training events and to co-ordinate the establishment of a national Guide organization.

The Association of Ukrainian Guides (AGU) was established by the Founding Conference of the Association on 25 November 1995. Since then, the National Conference is held annually and the National Board (elected at Conference) has its regular meetings. The Association continues its development in such fields as education, community projects, training for leaders and international cooperation. In 2001, the Association’s first president was elected as a member of the European Committee.

In 2020, the Association of Ukranian Guides became Full Member of WAGGGS.

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