Update: Mexican earthquake and a Girl Guiding response

20 September 2017
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Thursday 21 September: Update: How Girl Guides of Mexico are helping with the earthquake relief work

Following yesterday’s earthquake in Mexico, which measured 7.1 on the Richter scale, Girl Guides from across Mexico City and beyond have leapt into action to help the thousands of people who have been affected by the devastation.

  • Mexico earthquake girl guide response
  • Group of Mexican Guides collecting supplies for those affected by earthquake
  • Mexico earthquake girl guide response

As our pictures show, Girl Guides have been hard at work organising collections of much needed food and water at their head office and at Our Cabaña, which is one of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts’ five world centres.

Those who lost their homes and possessions have also been welcomed at these centres with open arms. Our video shows beds ready for those who need them.

David Coe, Chief Executive of The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, said: “Our thoughts are with our friends in Mexico at this very difficult and traumatic time. What has struck me the most has been the response to such a devastating disaster by the people of Mexico and by the Guias de Mexico, the leaders and the girls themselves, which has been inspirational. Their immediate and rapid organisation, opening their doors to those in need, collecting much-needed essential supplies and collectively working together for the benefit of others shows just how relevant and important Girl Guiding is. I am extremely proud of all their efforts.”

Here, four Girl Guides from Mexico, reveal what happened to them and how they are responding to devastating earthquake that has destroyed parts of their country: 
Jimena, Girl Guide

“I was on the 12th floor when the tremors started. We were evacuated from our homes. Since we left we have not been allowed to go back in. The front of the building cracked and everyone was very scared. As we walked to Ticali, the national headquarters for Guias de Mexico, we did not see a city destroyed, but a city in a precarious condition.

“Since arriving at Ticali, we have opened our doors to provide shelter for those in need. Girl Guides and Girl Scouts have brought many supplies to distribute, such water, food, nappies, scouts arrived from everywhere.

“We stayed up all night sorting items and we opened the first floor, so people could sleep.  We have been distributing items such as food to the most affected areas. We will be here, waiting for more people to arrive so we can continue supporting those affected.”


Julieta, Girl Guide
“When the Guias de Mexico put a call out for support, I responded. We have been collecting items such as food supplies and medicine to treat injuries. This morning distributed lunch to those carrying out relief activities, such as clearing debris and helping those with injuries.

Carime, Girl Guide

“I am supporting the Guias de Mexico response to the devastating earthquake. The national headquarters for Guias de Mexico, Ticali, has opened its doors to those in need. There will be food available and we are collecting canned food and water. We will be distributing items to those in need across locations in the city. We’ll be here to welcome your donations and to support those in need.”


Yésica, Girl Guide

“I came here on behalf of the Guias de Mexico. I want to support our community as it has been badly devastated by the earthquake. We have opened the doors to our national headquarters, so we can offer shelter to those who need it. People who have been affected can come and spend the night. We are collecting supplies, medicines and everything we can, to provide support in the best way possible.”



20 September: Mexican earthquake and a Girl Guiding response

Our thoughts and best wishes are with our friends in Mexico. We are in contact with staff and members in the area, who are safe, and will communicate any updates as soon as we receive further information.

Despite the destruction, leaders and Girl Guides in Mexico are working together to help those in need.

As an immediate response to the earthquake, Guías de México opened up their office as a shelter to those who have lost their homes as has Our Cabaña and they are being used as a collection center. They will start distributing food supplies, bottled water, toiletries and blankets to those affected as soon as possible.

For more information, please contact: 
Angela Singh, Communications Manager 
World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts
Phone: +44 (0)20 7433 6460
Email: Angela.Singh@wagggs.org

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