Period’s don’t stop for pandemics! Menstrual Hygiene day 2020

27 May 2020
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Today is International Menstrual Hygiene Day, a time where Girl Guides and Girl Scouts usually gather at community events to raise awareness of good menstrual hygiene management and to speak about the impact that menstrual hygiene education can have on girls’ lives.

This year, Menstrual Hygiene Day is taking place entirely online for the first time! WAGGGS and it’s 45 YESS Girl’s programme participants, who have all taken part in WAGGGS Menstrual Hygiene programme are connecting girls through social media, advocating for better global menstrual hygiene for all women and girls.

Why is Menstrual Hygiene Day (MH day) Important?


“Society still has a misconception about what periods are and how girls should manage them, especially in more remote areas.

MH Day brings together the voices and actions of different individuals and sectors, it also engages decision makers to increase the political priority action and break silence, raise awareness and change negative social norms around menstrual hygiene management.

Prioritising menstrual hygiene management builds awareness on how best girls and members of their community can manage their periods and helps them to understand that periods do not hold them back in living healthy, fulfilling, independent lives.”

Victoria, Tanzania Girl Guides Association

28 bead bracelet challenge


Girls all over the world have been taking part in activities hosted by WAGGGS and WASH United

The menstruation bracelet is a global symbol for menstruation and MH day. The 28 bead bracelet can be made at home using resources that are laying around the house. This can be yarn/ pieces of fabric/ buttons/ beads or drawn on paper.

“Making the hand bracelet is a symbol for menstruation and wearing it with confidence is a pledge to support other girls.” – Selina, Zimbabwe Girl Guides Association

Rosie’s World Programme

At WAGGGS, we believe in working with girls and young women to help them identify and overcome barriers - like managing their monthly menstrual cycle – that prevent them from taking part in everyday activities and all the opportunities that life has to offer. As the largest voluntary network of girls across the world with 10 million members across 150 countries, we are in a unique position to be able to do this.

The ‘ROSIE’S WORLD’ curriculum was adapted from an innovative game and education tool that WASH United initially co-created with girls in India. During the first half of 2019 it was adapted for the Girl Guide and Girl Scout audience in Sub Saharan Africa. The resource is fun, girl-led, and full of activities which draw the experience of girls in to help to shape its content.

“Whilst working towards my MHM badge I learned that all negative thoughts I used to hear about menstruation were myths. I was taught the skills I needed on how to track my period, how to use other clean materials as alternatives to pads, such as menstrual cups. I learned some new ways to relieve my menstrual cramps such as working out and eating healthily.” Safa, Nepal Girl Guides Association


Safa taking part In the Yarn game where Girls take turns to stretch out a new thread of the yarn web, discussing what they have learnt during Rosie’s world before throwing the yarn to the next Girl. The web represents the connection between girls.

We’d like to hear your views on menstrual hygiene management

Today, 28th May, we have launched a poll on Menstrual Hygiene to find out more about young people’s views and the challenges girls and young women face when it comes to menstruation, particularly giving the unprecedented times of COVID19.

WAGGGS will use the data to amplify girls voices in advocacy spaces and speak out for better Menstrual Hygiene Management for all!


Tomorrow, May 29th, we invite you to join our girl-led chatbox where you can write any questions you have regarding menstruation. After filling the poll, type your questions on the same U-Report conversation chat on Facebook Messenger between 11am to 5pm.

WAGGGS and young women will be on the other side to clarify all your doubts, supported by our expert partner WASH United. The chatbox is a safe space to put your views and questions out to us, it is 100% anonymous.

More about Rosie’s world

By combining WAGGGS experience developing fun and engaging non-formal education curriculums, with our Partner, WASH United’s expert knowledge in menstrual hygiene management, we launched our joint programme partnership as a core part of the YESS girls exchange programme in February 2019.

The programme has reached 27,000 girls and will reach another 60,000 girls in 2021. We would like to thank all the volunteers and leaders who have made this work possible.

Help us spread Period Positivity by joining in our MH Day activities and U-report poll today!

Read our programme brochure for more information

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