What advice does a UN leader have for girls?

05 October 2018
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Watch our United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) delegates Lucy and Kelly interview youth envoy Jayathma Wickramanayake.

WAGGGS delegates Lucy and Kelly were at the UN General Assembly (UNGA) for the historic launch of #Youth2030, the United Nations Youth Strategy. This was a milestone for the United Nations, as #Youth2030 is the first ever youth strategy which reaches every part of the organisation. The pair also had the chance to interview Jayathma. They asked her how the strategy will address the unique challenges faced by girls and young women. Plus how Girl Guides and Girl Scouts can help. 

The Youth2030 Strategy recognises it cannot achieve its mission without partnering with youth and ensuring they are not only heard, but understood. They must be not only engaged, but empowered, not only supporting but leading global efforts. 

To make this strategy a reality , the UN seeks to become a leadership example, knowledge and innovation pioneer, an investment and solution catalyst and an accountability leader. It is up to Movements like WAGGGS, representing 10 million girls around the world, to support this great initiative and turn Youth2030 into a reality. It is also up to us to hold decision makers accountable. This will mean the strategy can live up to what it has set out to achieve, including addressing the challenges disproportionately affecting girls and young women.

You can download the full Youth 2030 Strategy document in the six official languages of the UN here.

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