Europe Region publish Framework to help achieve SDGs

04 June 2021
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5 June 2021 marks World Environment Day, a day encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. To celebrate, WAGGGS’ volunteers from the Europe Region have developed a Sustainable Development Framework which defines our scope in the area of sustainability and will guide our future actions.

At WAGGGS Europe we want to be sustainable - maximising positive impact whilst minimising the negative impact we have on our world, whether this is social, economic or environmental.

As part of a global movement of 10 million girls and young women, the Europe Region strives to ensure sustainable development, with a focus on climate action and gender equality. We also want our 1.1 million young people in the region to be able to take action and ultimately change the world by helping to achieve the SDGs by 2030.

In this concept paper, we set out how sustainable development fits into the core work of the WAGGGS Europe Region in a number of ways:


Through the non-formal WAGGGS educational method to create a more sustainable future. Values, skills and knowledge acquired in Guiding and Scouting can play a key role when young people grow up.

By raising leadership skills at all levels (local, regional, national, Europe region and global), the sense of self-responsibility and empowerment, we can develop active individuals and groups to tackle climate change, inequality and all aspects of sustainability.

Organisational structure

As a region, we are directed by motions proposed at our triennial conferences, working on what matters most to our Member Organisations (MOs). Particular focus is put on action for climate change, gender and diversity, and youth participation which are all key in achieving sustainable development.

We also support our Member Organisations to enable young people to develop as responsible citizens of the world.

External relations

We use our social media platforms to promote the work that is being done in the region on sustainable development and encourage/inspire our youth members to take action, work with our partner organisations to ensure a combined effort and speak out on important issues such as gender equality and environmental sustainability at forums such as membership assemblies of the European Youth Forum, European Women Lobby meetings, Council of Europe meetings, and the European Week of Action for Girls. Here we influence the outcome of policy papers/statements and help to strive for sustainable development.


We have great initiatives and knowledge on the topics of:

  • Gender equality and the environment
  • Youth engagement
  • Refugees and migrants
  • Health & wellbeing, climate change, reduced inequalities, partnerships for the goals, sustainable cities and communities, and
  • Education of our members and the sharing of good practice from our members to all Europe MOs.

Europe region WED concept paper.PNG

Follow this link to download the full version. For any queries, please contact:

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