Even though the world is in lockdown, the body confidence revolution doesn’t have to stop!

08 April 2020
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This week WAGGGS is joining Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to celebrate World Health Day, a global day of action dedicated to reminding world leaders of the critical role our health services play in keeping the world healthy. It is also a time to focus on our wellbeing.

Our WAGGGS and DOVE Free Being me and Action on Body Confidence programmes have been sharing positive messages of self-care in order to raise spirits amongst this period of self-isolation.

Let’s hear more from two of our Action on Body Confidence Advocacy Champions.

Shauna Smith - Advocacy Champion

“Between making the transition into University and building my Free Being Me campaign, these last two years have been full speed ahead, no sign of stopping. Then 2020 came and, suddenly, everything, well, stopped. When the stillness descended, I realized that I had spent months in a classroom telling young women why we should embrace the diversity of our natural bodies, yet, I had neglected to embrace my own.

Self-love comes in a multitude of forms and I had been ignoring a major one; self-care. That is why for this self-isolation I am reminding my body that I love it by trying homemade, all natural body scrub recipes (my favourite so far is the brown sugar scrub!). I will use this time to do a face mask from the bananas in my kitchen! Pick some aloes from the garden behind my house! Maybe even do a hand scrub with oatmeal in the cupboard (don’t worry, I’ll be sure to save some for breakfast). I think a perfect activity for this frightening time is to embrace our natural bodies by treating them to the diverse, natural ingredients around us that promote health both internally and externally.” Shauna, Advocacy Champion, Girl Guides Association of Grenada

We also caught up with Melina from Argentina Girl Guides, who shared her story of using self-isolation as a time to reflect and support others.

Melina - Argentina Girl Guides

“I think it is important for us to relax and enjoy the free time we have during Quarantine. We can make the most of this rare opportunity to review our routines and assess what we could improve to make for a healthier lifestyle and share this knowledge with others too.

As part of my university study in psychology, I work on a project looking into how low self-esteem can generate unhealthy relationships. During quarantine people who are in a toxic relationship might be spending more time in an unhealthy mental environment. Is very important if you know about someone that is suffering, reach out to them so that they do not feel alone.

If you are experiencing a toxic relationship and need support, do not be embarrassed to reach out. There are a lot of people and services out there that can give you the support you need.

No matter how much self-isolation has changed our routines, we must remember we are not alone and that a lot of people around the world are feeling the same as we are right now.

You are not alone.

We stay together.

Enjoy this time and be you. It’s never too late to modify your reality.” Melina, Argentina Girl Guides, Body Advocate

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Each week our FBM team at WAGGGS are posting a positivity challenge on Facebook and Twitter. Click here if you’d like to take part in our week 2 Facebook challenge!

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Imagine a world where no-one is worried about the way they look.

The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and Dove work towards this incredible vision.

Our Free Being Me and Action on Body Confidence programmes are founded on the idea that if young people have access to tools to improve their self-esteem and body image, then they will be empowered to live successful and fulfilling lives.


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