6 in 10 girls and women around the world will experience violence in their lifetimes. Yet there are too few conversations, too little action, poor data and limited investment to stop the violence. In 2011 we decided to take action to end this.

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Why a campaign to end violence against girls and young women?

Stop the Violence - speak out for girls' rights

Because we must
Violence against girls and women is an all too common problem around the world. It happens to girls and young women who live in the communities where we have pledged to make a difference. It happens to our members, our family and friends. We have a responsibility to these girls and young women and this is an opportunity to empower them to speak out and take action.

Because we can
We are the largest voluntary organization for girls and young women in the world, with 10 million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in 150 countries, many of them who were already working to stop violence before we launched the campaign.

Because girls are key
Girls are one of the world’s greatest untapped resources. While they are not the ones responsible for ending the violence they are also not just victims; they are the instigators of their own futures and the leaders of change within their communities and globally.

Because girls and young women told us this is important
The campaign was chosen based on a consultation with girls and young women about what concerns them the most and what they most want to take action on.

Because education is key
Education, and in particular non-formal education, is critical for ending violence – and we are experts in non-formal education. Non-formal education can create a powerful force for change by empowering girls and young women to understand and assert their rights, and by challenging root causes of violence such as gender stereotypes and inequality and reaching out to boys and young men.

Because no one else is
You might think there are a lot of campaigns out there to end violence against girls and young women. There are not. There are some that focus on ending violence against women. There are some that focus on ending a specific form of violence in a specific place. But there are no global campaigns dedicated to ending violence in all its forms against girls and young women. UN Women still tell us that this is a space where there is no data, no voice, no programmes and no investment, and our research shows this to be true on the ground.

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Call on ALL countries in the Council of Europe to ratify the Istanbul Convention and commit to ending the violence!

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