#PositivityPatrol: 10-Week Leadership Challenge

In these difficult times, we want to make sure that every and any girl can still feel empowered, and have learning and development opportunities. For that we want to make sure they still have opportunities to practise leadership, and collaborate with each other to make a positive change in the world. Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world can be a #PositivityPatrol, to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

Each week, we will be publishing a challenge, that we encourage you to complete, and share the output to your social media with the hashtag #PositivityPatrol and the specific hashtag of the weekly challenge.

Click here to download the full set of #PositivityPatrol challenges, and check back every week to download digital assets you can post on social media.

Week 1 label.png

Week 1: #TreatYourselfKindly

Positivity starts with yourself! When your days are a bit gloomy, it's important to #TreatYourselfKindly. 💓

For our challenge for Week 1, start with expressing your emotions as you want - this can be a drawing, a word cloud, a poem, etc. Find out who your go-to person is and talk to them about your emotions. Lastly, find out one thing you can do to make you a bit happier. Share your creation and your one happy thing with Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world with #PositivityPatrol and #TreatYourselfKindly. Good luck and have fun! Download the social media asset here.

Week 2 Label.png

Week 2: #ValuesIntoAction

Think back to your promise - how can you make choices rooted in our values and take action according to the Guide Law in these times? With our challenge for week 2, take a video of yourself making a promise of doing something nice and positive for yourself, others or society during this time. Start your video by stating your name and country, and "I promise to...". Wear your uniform, and do your salute/ pose your sign so your sisters around the world can instantly recognise you. Share your video on social media with #PositivityPatrol and #ValuesIntoAction.

Week 3 Label.png

Week 3: #UnderstandOthers

Understanding and taking into account other people's perspectives and experiences during this time is crucial - we all need a bit of empathy and compassion! Think about someone that you haven't heard from lately. Communicate with them and ask them how they're really doing. Listen to their experience and share how this has helped you to understand them better with #PositivityPatrol and #UnderstandOthers. Before posting anything, please check with them that they're happy for you to share whatever you are posting.

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