Thinking about leaving a gift in your will?

Here’s how the Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting spirit in your heart can live on in the future

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From the moment a child promises to “do their best” they share the ideals and values of a unique Guiding and Scouting leadership development journey. For the rest of their Guiding life, they will be nurtured and celebrated for who they are, and what they can bring to the world around them.

Taking part in Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting enables girls to practice leadership and take responsibility.

They start small and as they grow, they also grow in confidence; building their life skills along a Guiding path they shape themselves.

They set their own goals and pursue them at their own pace.

They get to know themselves and understand what they need to thrive.

As they grow up, Girl Guides and Girl Scouts use these values and experiences to take the lead in their own lives.

They use what they gained in Guiding to begin and progress in their careers and for their families and communities. They may volunteer as youth leaders or leaders in their Member Organisation or go on to become global leaders of the Movement.

Wherever their life paths may go, the Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting spirit lives on in their hearts, steering their way through all life’s challenges along the way.

A gift in your Will gives the next generation of girls hundreds of opportunities to take the lead in their Guiding and Scouting journey from a very young age. It’s a gift that builds bold, courageous and confident women in every aspect of their lives.

“We have some marvellous young women on our Youth Council who are doing amazing things as young women. They are just absolute leaders in their own right in what they do. The gift in my Will gives future leadership opportunities so girls can use their skills and build a better life for themselves, their children and their community.”

Pam, Canada

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