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Promise (Finnish) Tahdon rakastaa Jumalaani ja lähimmäistäni, isänmaatani ja ihmiskuntaa, toteuttaen elämässäni partioihanteita. Promise (Swedish) Jag vill älska min Gud och min nästa, mitt land och mänskligheten, i det jag söker förverkliga scoutidealen i mitt liv.

Finnish Guide Promise: I will love my God and my neighbour, my native country and mankind by fulfilling the Girl Guide ideals in my life.

Brownie Promise (Finnish) Lupaan parhaani mukaan rakastaa Jumalaani, toteuttaa sudenpentujen lakia ja olla toisille avuksi joka päivä. Brownie Promise (Swedish) Jag lovar att efter bästa förmåga älska min Gud och följa vargungens lag

Brownie Promise I promise to do my best to love my God, to fulfill the Brownie Law and to help others every day.

Brownie Law

Brownie Law (Finnish)

Sudenpentu on reipas ja rehellinen.

Brownie Law (Swedish)

En vargunge är ärlig, glad och hjälpsam.

Brownie Law

A Brownie is cheerful and honest.

Development of the Movement

The first Girl Guide company in Finland was formed in 1910, but the years that followed saw great political upheaval, resulting in a ban on Girl Guiding. The Movement was officially revived in 1917, and it has expanded steadily and gained strength ever since. The first Brownie pack was started in 1925, and the first Ranger company in 1930. In 1928 three Finnish Associations, Suomalainen Partiotyttöliitto, Finlands Svenska Scoutförbund and Suomen Vapaa Partioryhmä, were recognized together as a Founder Member of WAGGGS.

Interest in the Movement grew fast, and before long there were five active Girl Guide Associations in Finland. In 1934 Girl Guiding was introduced for girls with special needs. The Second World War created the need for closer co-operation, and in 1943 a single Association, the Union of Finnish Girl Guides, was established.

The Union of Finnish Girl Guides worked in co-operation with the Scout Union of Finland, and in 1972 the merged organization, Suomen Partiolaiset - Finlands Scouter ry (The Guides and Scouts of Finland) was formed. As a result of this, administration for national events and training is a combined undertaking, and all the Guide and Scout districts work together. At local level many companies still work separately. The GSF has 75,000 members (Guides and Scouts) in all.

Lately an internal migration in Finland has created a need to found new local groups in areas where there are high numbers of young people. The More Groups: More Members project started in 2002. Another challenge GSF is facing is welcoming young people with a immigrant background into the Movement and assuring that their needs are met. During 2001, a study was undertaken to discover the best possible ways to involve all young people into Guiding.

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