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On my honour I promise: To do my duty to my country, my religion and the King, To help other people at all times, To obey the Guide Law.

Guide Promise

Thailand Guide Law

  1. A Guide’s honour is to be trusted.
  2. A Guide is loyal.
  3. A Guide’s duty is to be useful and to help others.
  4. A Guide is a friend to all and a sister to every other Guide.
  5. A Guide is courteous.
  6. A Guide is a friend to animals.
  7. A Guide obeys orders.
  8. A Guide smiles and sings under all difficulties.
  9. A Guide is thrifty.
  10. A Guide is pure in thought, word and deed.

I promise to do my best to do my duty to my country, my religion and the King. I promise to help other people every day, especially those at home.

Bluebird Promise

Bluebird Law

  1. The Bluebird respects and obeys her elders.
  2. The Bluebird does not think of herself only.
  3. The Bluebird only speaks the truth.
  4. The Bluebird is clean and in order.
  5. The Bluebird works and plays cheerfully and nicely.

Development of the Movement

Girl Guiding began in Thailand in 1957 and the Girl Guides Association of Thailand was formally registered in 1958. The Association received visits from World Association trainers, and Guiding expanded rapidly with the formation of Guide companies all over the country. In 1962 the Association was granted Royal Patronage by Her Majesty Queen Sirikit.

The Association’s headquarters in Bangkok were opened in 1967 and consist of an administrative block with adjoining hostel which provides facilities for visiting Association members, guest rooms, a cafeteria, Guide shop, swimming pool, sauna and training facilities where courses are run for girls and young women.

The Association changed name to Girl Guides (Girl Scouts) Association of Thailand in 2009.

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