How we work

We promote participation of Member Organisations and girls and young women in key decisions and activities in the Arab Region.

The structure of the Arab Region is based on three bodies: the Arab Regional Conference, the Arab Regional committee and Staff.

19th AR Conference

The Arab Regional Conference

The Arab Conference is the key decision-making body for the Region. Member Organizations gather at the Conference every three years to agree the strategy of the Movement in the Arab Region and review the achievement of its objectives.

The Arab Regional Committee

The Arab Regional Committee is the executive body of the Arab Regional Conference which ensures the implementation of its decisions and promotes the development of the Movement in the Arab Region.

The Committee provides necessary regional leadership and acts as an advisory body to any Member Organisation requiring advice and assistance. It also provides the WAGGGS World Board with necessary advice and information regarding matters of concern to the Region.

Arab Committee Members 2013

The Committee is made up of six active Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting members from the Arab Region. They are democratically elected by all Arab Member Organisations at the Regional Conference. Each member is elected to serve for three years, and is eligible for re-election for a further term of three years. The maximum length of service is six years. The committee elects from among its members their Chair who also sits on the World Board.


Arab Region Staff

WAGGGS staff work closely with the Arab Regional Committee to implement decisions taken at Regional Conferences and Committee meetings, and to improve the quality of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting in the region. They provide services to, and a link between, Member Organisations, and are responsible for the overall management of all activities of the Region.

Egypt Young Women

Our members are our strength!

We involve Member Organisations and the voice of girls and young women in our operations and key decisions.

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