We are structured on three bodies: our national conference, committee and staff.

The Arab Regional Conference

Libya at the Arab Regional Conference 2013

The Arab Regional Conference takes place once every three years. The conference is the governing body of the region and is made up of delegations from each MO.

Our MO’s gather at the conference every three years to:

  • Agree strategy, goals and priorities
  • Review the previous objectives
  • Election of the next Committee members
  • Approve the general finance plan

The conference is an opportunity to:

  • Meet and share experiences with fellow MO’s
  • Resolve issues that are important to the region
  • Give recognition to outstanding leaders who have contributed greatly to the development of our region through our five awards:
    • Outstanding Leader Award
    • Dedication Trophy
    • Research and Publishing Award
    • Translation Award
    • Volunteer Project Award for MOs

Each MO of the Arab Region is represented by up to four members accredited by their organisation, one of whom is the Committee Member (where the Member Organisation has one). In case of a Federation, each Association is represented by one member with a maximum of ten members in total.

The Arab Regional Committee

The Committee is the Executive Body of the conference and ensures the implementation of the decisions agreed and promotes the development of the Movement in the region though the operational plan. The operational plan strategically lays out the direction the region takes in relation to the aims and needs, how it will be implemented and the best use of resources to fulfil the objectives.

It consists of six active Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting members from the region who are elected at the Regional Conference. Members will serve three years and are eligible for re-election for a further term. The maximum length of service is six years. The Chair of the Committee also sits on the World Board.

The Arab Regional Committee comprises 6 members who are elected by the Arab Regional Conference. Its first responsibility is to ensure the implementation of decisions taken at the Regional Conference


WAGGGS staff works closely with the Arab Regional Committee to implement decisions taken at Regional Conferences and Committee meetings, and to improve the quality of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting in the region. They provide services to, and a link between, MO’s, and are responsible for the overall management of all activities of the Region.

Partnerships between Member Organisations

Partnerships between associations in the Region are a priority area of development for the Arab Committee and our Member Organisations

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