The Africa Region works with various partners to strengthen initiatives and provide project opportunities to Member Organizations.

Working in partnership

We strengthen our work through partnerships with governments, United Nations agencies and many more.

To make the most of our unique strengths, the Africa Region and its Member Organizations work in partnership with many non-governmental organizations and United Nations (UN) agencies, such as the Economic Commission for Africa and UNICEF.

The majority of our Member Organizations work with their governments through the Ministry of Youth. They also deliver projects with other non-governmental organizations, international organizations and UN agencies such as UNICEF, UNAIDS, UNFPA, USAID. For example, UNICEF supports a vaccination project in Togo and Nigeria, while the World Bank and USAID support the Kenya Girl Guides Association.

There are also partnerships with other Member Organizations of WAGGGS from the global north: for example, Norway with Lesotho and Malawi and Denmark with Ghana.

Partnerships between associations in the Region are a priority for the Africa Committee as well as for the Member Organizations who stressed this at the Regional Conference. Africa’s South-South Partnership facilitates the exchange of good practice and strengthens Member Organizations in the Region.

YESS Girls Movement

YESS.jpgThrough the YESS Girls Movement WAGGGS Africa Region in partnership with FK Norway, a Norwegian Government Agency gives an opportunity to young women to go and stay in a country away from their own for six months. While in another country the girls are hosted by National Guididng Associations where they stay.

In 2015, 11 girls and young women from Uganda, South Africa, Kenya and Burundi Girl Guides Associations participated in the exchage program. Plans are already underway to give an opportunity to Rwanda, Madagascar, Tanzania and Zambia Girl Guides Associations in the 2016 exchange round. A feasibility study for the project in the new countries is currently being undertaken.

YESS Girls Movement 

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