World Centres Webinar

Learn more about our five wonderful world centres and the opportunities that girls and young women have when visiting

world centres webinar

If you didn't make it to our World Centre Webinar as part of the Giving Day series you can catch up on everything you missed here. There was fun, games and inspiring stories from many of the world centres volunteers.

We heard from current Vice-Chair of the world board, Candela, about her experience at Our Chalet as a programme intern and how this prepared her for her future leadership roles. She also visited Sangam and Pax Lodge.

Candela Gonzalez

"The people I met and the things I learnt at the world centres helped me in my professional career"

Candela Gonzalez

The World Centres are able to offer these wonderful experiences because of our generous supporters who believe in international connections. They want an equal world where girls have the opportunities to to explore, grow and to reach their fullest potential. If this is something you believe in and want to support, you can, by visiting our giving day platform. You can sign up to become an ambassador, make a donation and spread the word about WAGGGS. Visit the platform here:

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