Campfire Webinar

Learn all about the new WAGGGS network that aims to connect all corners of the Movement online.

Take a moment to think about a special Girl Guiding or Girl Scouting Moment...

maybe it was going to camp as a Brownie, or leaving your country for the first time to visit one of our World Centres. Whatever it is, those experiences are what makes Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting so special, and its those that we want to engender on campfire, the new online network.

The purpose of campfire is not only to connect more members without the need to travel, but to provide a digital home that enables connection, sharing and friendships across the Movement.

You can learn more about this interactive community by watching the webinar. You can see what the platform is already able to offer and the ambitions to grow it to accommodate the whole Movement. And how you can get involved.


campfire webinar

WAGGGS have been able to create Campfire because of our generous supporters who believe in connecting the international community. They want an equal world where your location doesn't change the opportunities that are afforded to you. If this is something you believe in and want to support, you can, by visiting our giving day platform. You can sign up to become an ambassador, make a donation and spread the word about WAGGGS. Visit the platform here:

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