September Update WAGGGS Emergency Appeal (Ukraine Crisis)

Six months on from the invasion of Ukraine - how has your support helped those in need?

It has been six months since WAGGGS launched its Emergency Appeal to help those fleeing the war in Ukraine. On the 3rd March WAGGGS created an appeal that over 1300 of you have supported. The appeal closed in May after receiving an unprecedented amount of donations for a single campaign. Over £300,000 was raised, meeting above and beyond the need of our Member Organisations.

In our last update we shared details from our Member Organisations in Europe; Slovak Scouting, Zwiazek Harcerstwa Polskiego (Polish Girl Guides Association), Asociatia Ghidelor si Ghizilor din Romania (Romanian Girl Guides Association) who successfully used funds to support those affected by the crisis.

This update will include details of how your donations have been used to support a new project from Scouts & Guides of Sweden (Scouterna) and the latest from Ghidelor si Ghizilor din Romania (Romanian Girl Guides Association) and Slovak Scouting, to learn more about how their projects are continuing.

Jamboree 5 Ukrainian Girl Guides and Girl Scouts attending the Swedish Jamboree

Slovak Scouting

In our last update, we shared that your donations were helping volunteers in Slovakia by providing them with various technical and material equipment and services to help them fulfil their role. Since then, Slovak Scouting have continued their work throughout the refugee camps, supporting those fleeing the crisis where they are needed most.

In addition Slovak Scouting have also been granted a further 10,800 Euros to cover the fees and travel expenses for an estimated 60 Ukrainian members to attend international Scout camps in Slovakia.

This project is focused on the Girl Guides and Girl Scouts who are currently living in Slovakia and have joined the local Scout groups since entering the country. The individual Scout groups have requested funds that reflect the number of Ukrainian members planning to go to the camps.

This project aimed to enable the Ukrainian Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to have a peaceful and enjoyable experience at a national summer camp. This is an opportunity that they would not be able experience without the kind donations from so many supporters throughout the world to this emergency appeal. It is estimated that up to 85 Scout groups will apply and could take as many as five participants each along to the camps.

You have helped bring an escape for many young people struggling with the challenges of being a refugee.

Asociatia Ghidelor si Ghizilor din Romania

In our previous update we shared that Asociatia Ghidelor si Ghizilor din Romania (Romanian Girl Guides Association) had applied for 3500 Euros to provide humanitarian and moral support to refugee children residing in Romania. We are delighted to confirm this application was approved and in recent months the Romanian Girl Guides Association have provided support to Ukrainian Girl Guides and Girl Scouts by organising workshops, games and other interactive activities at local guiding units throughout Romania.


In addition to these activities, they have also used your donations to provide much needed school  supplies for the refugee children. The local guiding units have worked to help the Ukrainian girls and young women to settle into their new homes. They have led workshops to encourage young  people  from  Romania  and  Ukraine  to become  friends  and  to develop values such as solidarity, tolerance, respect and commitment.

This project is supporting 100 children who are refugees directly because of the conflict in Ukraine. It coordinates with local authorities located in Bucharest and in the surrounding area to provide this support.

Thank you for helping to ease the struggles that many young people are facing as they navigate living in a new country.

Scouts & Guides of Sweden (Scouterna)

The Scouts and Guides of Sweden have worked with Ukrainian members based in Poland and Sweden to facilitate their attendance at the National Jamboree in Sweden.

The Jamboree took place from 30th July until 6th August this year in Northern Awesome outside of Kristianstad in Southern Sweden.

Jamboree 3

The aim was to provide a rehabilitating experience for the children from Ukraine and volunteers of the organisation. Attending the Jamboree gave those suffering from the crisis the opportunity for peace, to restore their faith and help improve their mental health following the impacts of war.

The Swedish Member Organisation were able to send girls from Chernihiv and Kharkiv region in Ukraine, where they had lived under fire for days. These girls were already engaged with the Scouts and Guides of Sweden prior to the Ukraine crisis, having engaged with the patrols for three years.

Donations to the value of 8380 Euros were used to cover the fees and travel of eight deserving participants. Your support made it possible for these young people to experience all the Jamboree had to offer.

What's next?

The fund has received unprecedented support from so many of you, we want to say a huge thank you. We will bring you news in the coming months of how the remaining funds have been used.

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