Voices Against Violence: The first word on stopping violence in Kuwait

07 Décembre 2017
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16 Days of Activism 2017

In many parts of the world violence towards girls is thought of as a normal, accepted part of life.

“Most women and girls don’t know they are the victims of violence,” said Fatemah, a Voices Against Violence trainer from Kuwait.

The 35-year-old is part of a group who took part in Voices Against Violence training recently; the education pillar of the WAGGGS Stop the Violence campaign.

Women like Fatemah complete the training workshops then spread the programme to Girl Guide groups across their country.

Through informal-education girls learn about gender-based violence, which Fatemah said is the first step towards positive change.

But there is serious work ahead to curb violence towards girls and young women, both in Kuwait and globally.

“Everywhere is unsafe if there is no law to stop abuse or violence,” she said.

Luluwah, 20, said it is an important cause for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, as they are the next generation.

“I don’t think anywhere in the world, or our country, is 100 per cent safe,” Luluwah said.

But through education and knowledge they have the ability to stop violence.

“Girls need to support each other. Guides should teach other girls in my country how they can help themselves and others exposed to violence.”

“To all women on this planet - no one should ever hurt you – and together we have the power and ability to stop it.”

Aisha, 27, said many spaces in Kuwait, even work places, are unsafe for women which means Voices Against Violence has come at the right time.

“There are a lot of young women who are being abused and facing violence as it’s increasingly here in Kuwait.”

She said gender-based violence is not just a female issue, but something everyone should be concerned with.

“We should stop the violence against women and girls as it affects not only the individual but the whole family,” Aisha said.

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