Unlock Leadership for Change - Using TheGoals.org as part of our action on the Sustainable Development Goals

Following the pledge to leave no one behind, we want to contribute to make the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a reality to ensure that “All girls are valued and take action to change the world”. The SDGs constitute a call for action by all countries and they provide a framework of action. TheGoals.org by ISYMP and WAGGGS have joined forces in a project called “Unlock Leadership for Change” in which youth leaders around the world are trained to use TheGoals.org and thus educate their peers in their communities on the SDGs. This project was funded by the Swedish Postcode Foundation.

During the six days spent in Malmo, both young leaders and national board/staff members got together to create an SDG related plan for their National Association. During the training, the participants learnt about the UN Sustainable Development Goals framework and Sustainable Development to later on learn how to plan, draft and implement projects related to the SDGS and use TheGoals.org as an educational tool. The participants gained leadership and community engagement competences and discussed about WAGGGs leadership models.

What is TheGoals.org?

TheGoals.org is an online user-friendly and fun crowd learning platform that offers non-formal programmes based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).The site’s aim is to help people understand what the goals are about and how to tackle them in their own communities.

This platform is designed to work on even the simplest online device. It connects learners globally to explore global challenges and take local action. Young people are supported and encouraged to be agents of change, and connect with others in a global space.TheGoals.org provides a space for young people to learn about global issues, take local action, share their projects, highlight results and learn from each other.

TheGoals.org is translated into WAGGGS four official languages: English, French, Arab and Spanish

How do I get started?

If you are around 13 years old and upwards and you are part of a non-formal group you can register in the platform:

  1. Visit wagggs.thegoals.org and register as:
  • Coach: the leader. A Coach signs up first to the platform, and invites Students to join the platform by adding their email. The Coach is their guide throughout. The Coach is able to monitor progress and put together groups, and can monitor more than one group. Coaches have their own area to manage participants and follow their steps. Coaches can communicate with their groups on the platform.
  • Student: the participants in the courses. They are invited by Coaches to join the platform by email. Students can access the platform from their own respective devices but the courses are collaborative in nature – you only need one device.
  • Group: consists of students and is managed by a coach. The group inputs to the course together.

How does The Goals.org work?

  • Courses: once a group is signed up to the platform, they will choose a ‘course’ of activities. There are courses on each individual Sustainable Development Goal, as well as one introductory course. You can just do one, or as many as you like! Your group will need to meet over a number of sessions to complete a course – though the length of time will depend on what you choose to do.
  • Missions: Each course is made up of ‘missions’ to complete. These build into ‘Mission Stories’ which are shared across the platform for other young people to add ideas and feedback. By completing the course missions one by one, groups grasp the global context of the SDG they are focusing on, take a close look at their local circumstances and come up with solutions to improve their local and even global community.

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