Look at case studies from around the world, to see how national Associations adapted their programme and activities

Last updated: 16 September 2020

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This page contains case studies and advice from Girl Guide and Girl Scout Associations who have returned to face to face Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting Activities in different settings. This is not advice from the World Health Organisation or WAGGGS.

Please consider your own context and national health advice before considering the advice on this page.

Divide the meetings over two periods or two days. The duration of the meeting does not exceed one hour. Take care to wear masks and sterilise hands often. The meeting place should be open with fresh air. We work face-to-face to speed the completion of the work, but we also have remote meetings to plan and distribute the work and take great care of everyone’s health and safety.

Kuwait Girl Guides Association (A School-based Association)

In order to resume face-to-face activities, we advise others to take necessary arrangements such as barrier measures.

Mouvement des Guides et Eclaireuses du Niger (A Community-based Association)

Fully adhere to the precautionary measures and follow proper health habits. Start with activities of low numerical density.

Oman Scouts and Guides (A School-based Association)
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