OB-PS Associate Membership

Be at the forefront of supporting girls and young women to create the kinder and more equal world they want to live in


OB-PS Associate Membership

It has never been easy to be a girl; and today’s girls know it’s going to get harder. There is now a new Olave Baden-Powell Society (OB-PS) membership designed specifically for you so that you can help girls and young women become the brave, courageous, confident leaders the world needs.

It is called OB-PS Associate Membership and is an important part of the

OB-PS vision for the future.

Why join the Olave Baden-Powell Society?

The Olave Baden-Powell Society, by donating money to WAGGGS, supports girls to overcome barriers like gender based violence and low body confidence by providing essential programmes, leadership development and advocacy training they need to speak out, make decisions and take on leadership roles.

Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world are making change happen. In their communities and globally, they are taking action, changing laws and influencing decision makers. By becoming an OB-PS Associate, you are supporting girls and young women to develop the skills and confidence they need through Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting to make positive change in their lives, communities and countries.

By signing up to become an OB-PS Associate Member, your journey starts on becoming a fully paid OB-PS Member. Once your gifts add up to the full price of OB-PS Membership, you will be officially recognised by our Patron, HRH Princess Benedikte of Denmark, and have the opportunity to be presented at one of the annual OB-PS events.

There are key differences between the two different types of membership. For a full breakdown please click here.

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What will I receive?

Membership certificate (once you have reached £300)

An invitation to the OB-PS Annual Event, as well as the opportunity to participate in local events in your region

Regular updates on WAGGGS' work


How to join

To become an OB-PS Associate, simply make a financial commitment towards a better future for girls and young women in one of the following ways:

  • Set up a regular gift of £25 a month
  • Set up a regular gift of £75 quarterly
  • Set up a regular gift of £150 twice annually

As long as your gifts add up to £300 or more in a 12 month period, your Associate Membership is guaranteed.

If you are joining from USA, please use this online pledge form.

Please note: Donations made towards WAGGGS projects from January 1st 2021, will count towards membership.

I'm joining from Canada

If you are joining from Canada, please complete the form below to register your details and complete your donations through CAF Canada.

You will need to complete payments through CAF Canada here and email obps@wagggs.org with confirmation of your donation

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When you become an OB-PS Associate Member, you are a big part of giving Girl Guides and Girl Scouts something that is both vital and rare. The chance to be themselves, in a safe environment full of opportunities to take risks and have adventures.

Paper Form

If you want to recruit new members you can also download this paper form to share.

Download paper form



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