World Thinking Day 2024 - Activity Pack

In this year’s pack this we will revisit the story of Miku, our main character from 2023, and the Changemakers from 2022, who will guide us through several discussion, active, and arts-based activities which look at our impact on the environment and the resources that we use. In doing so we will further develop our environmental knowledge and skills and creatively imagine a more sustainable world.

The pack is divided into three sections:

  • Part one: Learn how environmental issues can be solved through new ideas and technology.
  • Part two: Help prepare for the challenges and opportunities of the future by practising some environmental skills.
  • Part three: Creatively explore how we can positively contribute to the natural world in our future lives.

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  • Publication date: 28th December 2023
  • Author(s): WAGGGS
  • Length: 58 pages
  • Resource type: Activity packs
  • Resource topic: World Thinking Day
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