Steps towards sustainable development

A toolkit for projects

The purpose of this toolkit is not only to share with the wider WAGGGS family our shared achievements and the knowledge we gained on the SDGs through the project, but also to offer a tool with key takeaways for you to implement your own SDG youth led projects in your community.

Every community is special, and leaders have their own ways to listen to and meet the needs of young people. This toolkit is a starting point for you to start your journey and adapt, modify, and take further based on your unique context and the needs of the young people you work with.

The last section of the toolkit offers a list of resources so you can further delve into these topics. Hundreds useful resources are also available online in many languages. Please share your comments, feedback and achievements with

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  • Publication date: 5th March 2020
  • Author(s): Arab Region & WAGGGS
  • Length: 19 pages
  • Resource type: Campaign tools & toolkits
  • Resource topic: Global Development Goals
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