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On my honour, I promise before all of you, that I will do my best: To serve God and my country, To help other people at all times, and To keep the Guide Law.

Chile Guide Promise

Guide Law

  1. A Guide deserves to be trusted because she is responsible
  2. A Guide is loyal
  3. A Guide helps others without expecting recompense
  4. A Guide is a friend and shares with everyone
  5. A Guide is polite and friendly
  6. A Guide loves nature and in it discovers the hand of God
  7. A Guide knows how to obey and does nothing in half measures
  8. A Guide is cheerful
  9. A Guide is careful of possessions because she values work
  10. A Guide is pure in thought, in word and in deed

I always want to do my best: To do my duty to God, my country and my family, To live by the Swallow Law, and To do a good turn every day.

Swallow Promise

Swallow Law

A Swallow:

  • Knows and looks after her body
  • Tries to solve her problems
  • Is cheerful and tells the truth
  • Knows how to listen and expresses what she feels
  • Is friendly and helps other people
  • Learns to know God

Development of the Movement

Guiding began in Chile in 1913 when a Girl Guide company was started in Rancagua and registered with the Scout Association of Chile. Brownie, Guide and Ranger companies were set up throughout the country under the auspices of the Scout Association, and activities were mostly carried out in schools with teachers acting as leaders.

In 1953 the Guides formed a separate Association, the Asociación de Guías de Chile, and in 1960 it was officially recognised as a national institution of Chile. In the mid-1960's a female section developed within the Federación de Scouts Católicos, and following an agreement for joint action in 1971, these girls were integrated into the Asociación de Guías de Chile in 1974.

In 1974 the Scouts Association of Chile was formed as a result of the merger of Scout Associations in Chile. This Association had a considerable number of girls in its ranks, and by 1977 members of the Asociación de Guías de Chile and the female Scout section were working together on events and courses. Following a study carried out by representatives from both Associations, the Guide and Scout Movements formed a Joint Organisation, the Asociación de Guías y Scouts de Chile. As a merged Association, Guías y Scouts de Chile has become one of the most important and biggest youth organisations of the country.

Being a member of WAGGGS and WOSM, the Association has strengthened its educational proposal and gained a position in the context of Latin/American Guiding and Scouting, being recognised for its interest in serving youth and for its permanent renewal.

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