Asia Pacific Region carries out different types of projects for the development of Member Organisations especially girls and young women.

The projects run by the Asia Pacific Region include:

  1. Project 3L: Life Long Learning
  2. FAPW Membership Incentive Projects
  3. MO love MO projects

2017 02 _ Malaysia _ Girl sat working on the floor - Credit Edwin Lam

Project 3L: Life Long Learning

Project 3L provides opportunities for girls and young women to learn life skills so they are better equipped to reach their fullest potential in the changing world.

The Project 3L grants are funded by the Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS (FAPW). Member Organisations (MO's) in the Asia Pacific Region may submit one project proposal per year to the Asia Pacific Committee. The project may be conducted at a national level and or the next tier of decision making, such as state, region or province. The value of the grant for each project is GBP 2,000.

Running since 2004, 3L Projects have benefited thousands of girls and young women to date. Some of the projects generate new income for the Member Organisations as a result of projects funded. Some of them bring extra income to help with the living cost of their families.

"I learned to make hoppers through the project. The very next day, I started to make an income from this new skill. Customers have kept swarming in and I am happy that I can make an extra income for my children"

N. M. Nirosha, one of the benefactors of the 3L Project from Sri Lanka

2017 _ India _ School of five leaders

FAPW Membership Incentive Project

For every GBP6000 raised by the Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS (FAPW) from a single country group, GBP1800 (30%) of the donations will be returned to the MO of the country.

The Membership Incentive is only to support the Member Organisations where the donation is collected. If the country does not have a registered MO with WAGGGS, it will not qualify for the Membership Incentive.

The types of projects that would meet the Asia Pacific Regional Committee’s requirements are:

  • Projects contributing to the achievement of objectives in the Asia Pacific Operation Plan.
  • Projects which will benefit young women of the MO.

Learn more about Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS (FAPW) and how you can support us.


MO Love MO Projects

Another way of achieving the priorities of the Asia Pacific Region is through the MO-love-MO strategy.

The MO Love MO projects describe the partnership between MO. The purpose is two-pronged. First, for one MO, it is to build the capacity of its members in the areas of need as identified by the committee. For the other MO, it is to enable their members to share their expertise and gain an enriching regional experience.

Some successful partnerships in the recent years include:

  • Japan and Australia worked with Myanmar,
  • Hong Kong with Mongolia,
  • The Philippines with Bangladesh and
  • New Zealand with the Pacific MOs.

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