The Scout and Guide Association of Qatar

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On my honour, I promise to do my best: To do my duty to God and his prophet, To be loyal to my country and the Emir, to help others And to obey the Guide Law.

Qatar Guide Promise

Qatar Guide Law

  1. Girl Guide Law
  2. A Guide’s honour is to be trusted.
  3. A Guide is loyal to God then her country, the Emir, parents and superiors
  4. A Guide’s duty is to be useful and to help others
  5. A Guide is a friend to all and a sister to every other Guide
  6. A Guide is a friend to animals
  7. A Guide obeys orders of her parents, head of division and Unit Leader
  8. A Guide smiles when facing difficulties.
  9. A Guide is thrifty.
  10. A Guide is pure in thought, word and deed.

I promise to do my duty to God, then my country. To help other people To obey the Brownie’s Law.

Brownie Promise

Brownie Law

  1. She is faithful and loyal to God, her country and to those who work with her
  2. She is honest in word and deed
  3. She is useful and performs useful work
  4. She is polite and characterized by virtuous and good deeds
  5. She is friendly and a sister to every other Brownie
  6. She is kind hearted
  7. She is obedient. She obeys those who are older than her
  8. She has a smiling face and she is always optimistic
  9. She is wise and thrifty
  10. She always cares about the cleanliness of her appearance and places where she has been

Development of the Movement

The Girl Guides Association of Qatar was formed in 1995 after issuing a draft law to organise the Association. Brownie packs were set up in elementary schools, Girl Guide groups in preparatory schools and advanced Girl Guiding in secondary schools. By 1997, the Association had taken long and qualitative strides and had been generalised in all sectors of education. New leaders’ training was based on gradual promotion of leadership and producing inspectors to ensure high standards of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting. The movement in Qatar has continued to increase in members and the programme level remains high and relevant to the needs of girls and young women

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