Helen Storrow Seminar 2018 popping up all over the world

03 February 2018
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Surrounded by white-topped mountains and soft falling snow a group of young women are tackling some of the planet’s most pressing environmental issues.

This week the Helen Storrow Seminar is uniting hundreds of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts to support them to become change-makers in their own communities.

Participants will have the chance to experience Switzerland and develop a project which tackles environmental issues relevant to them.

  • HSS 2018 girl in snow
  • HSS 2018 group walking in snow
  • HSS 2018 igloo building

In addition to the event, held at Our Chalet in Switzerland, 19 Helen Storrow Seminars are popping up across the five WAGGGS regions.

Led by participants from previous years these seminars will enable hundreds more young women to benefit from WAGGGS’ leadership events.

In total, more than 40 countries will be represented and 500 young women.

This week they will begin their journeys towards grand leadership adventures.

  • HSS 2018 Sri Lanka
  • HSS 2018 Australia eco bags
  • HSS 2018 Sangam group composting
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