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International Commissioner WAGGGS

P.O. Box 6810, St Olavs Plass
N-0130 Oslo

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Tel: +47 22 99 15 50 | Fax: +47 22 99 15 51

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Component Associations

Norges KFUK-KFUM-Speidere (KFUK-KFUM) Logo

KFUK-KFUM Speiderne I Norge // YWCA-YMCA Guides & Scouts of Norway

P O Box 6810, St Olavs Plass
N-0130 OSLO

Tel: +4722991550 | Fax: +4722991551

Speidernes Fellesorganisasjon (SF) Logo

Norges Speiderforbund (NSF)

Postboks 6910, St. Olavs Plass

Website: | Email:
Tel: +4722992230 | Fax: +4722991551

Development of the Movement

Guides were active in Norway before the First World War and the oldest companies have records dating from 1912, although it was not until 1920 that the first national organization was formed, Norges KFUK-Speidere (YWCA Guides of Norway). A year later Norsk speiderpikeforbund (Norwegian Girl Guides Association) was formed.

In 1978 Norsk speiderpikeforbund merged with Norsk Speiderguttforbund for boys to become Norges speiderforbund (the Norwegian Guide and Scout Association).

Members of Norges KFUK-Speidere, and all female members of Norges speiderforbund, are represented in WAGGGS by Fellesrådet for Speiderpiker i Norge (the Joint Committee of Girl Guides in Norway).

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