WAGGGS Whistleblowing Policy

WAGGGS is committed to the highest standards of transparency, openness and accountability.

If someone is concerned that WAGGGS or any of our representatives is not meeting these standards or may have gone further and may be breaking the law, then that person should say something. This policy is intended to support them to do that, and to ensure that WAGGGS upholds the law as well as our fundamental principles and values.Anyone who has a concern should not be worried about sharing it.

This policy makes sure that any concerns are treated seriously and with respect. WAGGGS will take all reasonable steps to ensure that any disclosures are treated confidentially, dealt with fairly and where necessary change how we do things to minimise the chances of the same thing happening again.

This policy will protect all relevant individuals as long as suspicions are raised honestly and in good faith, irrespective of whether the allegation is later confirmed to be true. Not reporting a suspicion when there are clear grounds for doing so could result in disciplinary action or other sanctions. The reporting of suspicions will not be allowed to affect the relevant individual's current status within WAGGGS, or the future career prospects of WAGGGS representatives.

  • Date de publication: 11th février 2019
  • Auteur(s): Matt Reynolds
  • Length: 6 pages
  • Type ressource: Policies & procedures
  • Thème ressource: WAGGGS governance
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