Surinaamse Padvindsters Raad

International Commissioner
Prof. W.J. A. Kernkampweg #35
P.O.Box 1902


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Component Associations

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Gidsen Suriname

Piet Ezechiël straat no 16 Kwatta
P.O.Box 46


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Het Surinaamse Padvindsters Gilde

Prof. W.J. A. Kernkampweg #35
P O Box 1902
Paramaribo - Suriname


Development of the Movement

The Surinaamse Padvindsters Raad (Council of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts of Suriname) / (SPR), is the umbrella body of the two largest girl scouting and girl guiding organizations in Suriname, namely: “Het Surinaamse Padvindsters Gilde” (The Surinamese Girl Scouts Organization) / (SPG) and “Gidsen Suriname” (Girl Guides Suriname) / (GS).

These two component organisations have groups in the different areas of Paramaribo (the capital of Suriname).

Het Surinaamse Padvindsters Gilde was founded on 7 May 1947 by Mrs. Maria Jacoba Paulina Oostburg - Cop and Gidsen Suriname was founded on 15 August 1948 by Mrs. Coleta van der Ploeg. In 1968, SPG and GS came together in the SPR and joined WAGGGS in 1972. Since then, Suriname has been an associate member of WAGGGS through SPR.

In December 2020, the Surinaamse Padvindsters Raad became full member of WAGGGS. Both component organizations (GS and SPG) have a law and a promise based on the fundamental principles of the international original Promise and Law.

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