The Sangam Cup 2018

01 octobre 2018
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Welcome to the #WhenWeShine Birthday Challenge. We're glad you have decided to join us and others around the world in celebrating Sangam’s 52 birthday

The aim is to earn as many points as possible. Next submit your challenge to Sangam before the closing date.

The challenge starts from 1 October 2018 and runs until 31 October 2018. The winning team will be announced on 10 November 2018. 

The winners reward? An event scholarship for a leadership event in 2019 at Sangam.

Our #WhenWeShine season lasts all year so of course you can still take part in the fun after the closing date. You just won’t be eligible for the reward.

How to join the competition:

-092015WorldSangamDayLogo You have the month of October to complete as many activities as you can. 

- For each activity there are an allocated number of points depending on the level of difficulty and the amount of time needed to complete it.

- You must provide photographic or video evidence when completing certain tasks.

- You can share your progress on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram. Then tag us on social media by using #Sangam52 and #WhenWeShine

- Entries sent through on or before the 16 October 2018 (Sangam’s Birthday) will receive an extra 25 points.

Click here to begin the challenge


Email Sangam 

*Terms and conditions apply and will be at the discretion of the World Centre Manager.

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