The highest honours in USA Girl Scouting

21 octobre 2019
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A Girl Scout Gold Award represents the highest achievement in USA Girl Scouting.

This year, ten more exceptionally inspiring young women achieved this accolade, by addressing local challenges related to national and global issues, taking matters into their own hands to generate change at home and beyond.

Read more about these extraordinary Girl Scouts and watch their video here.

The Silver Award – Meet the Cadettes on a mission

Laila Cabanit lead image

But what of the Cadettes (11 to 14 years old)? The Girl Scouts Silver Award is the highest Cadette honour and follows girls who take an issue they care about, learn the facts and take action in their community.

One incredible trailblazer is Jordan, from Missouri, who collaborated with Barbie-developer, Mattel, on the first ever Barbie doll to use a prosthetic. Read more about Jordan here.

We caught up with two other Girl Scout Cadette Silver Award winners from the USA to find out how their projects are making a difference.

My Journey to Silver – Aaliyah, Virginia

Over the summer, Aaliyah volunteered at the Friends Association for Children in Richmond, Virginia (USA).

“I wanted to help support families and children that lived in an at risk community, that may not have a safe place to play and what they needed to succeed in life.”

“I connected with the children from my global community through music and art. I enjoy art. I am an artist. I love painting and drawing naturally. Even though the focus for this camp was music, we did some painting. The exposure to music for me was great too.”

Aaliyah feels strongly about not only the impact that she had on the community, but also how she developed as a person.

“I learned a lot from others on the music camp. I developed public speaking skills, when talking in front of the children and leadership, when leading the children the activities.”

“Most of all, it reminded me that every act of kindness makes a difference, no matter how big or small. As my desire to serve more grew even stronger, it also changed me for the better. I saw how spending time, being kind and being a friend to those children made a difference.”

Helping Animals of Hawaii – Laila, Hawaii

Laila Cabanit

Laila’s Girl Scout Silver Award group helped at the Oahu Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Hawaii.

“We painted their cats’ Yellow Room, from a bright yellow to a pastel shade of yellow. To support recycling, we created dog and cat toys from used tires and old materials, for the animals to enjoy while waiting for their forever home. We constructed two benches that will provide a welcoming feeling for new owners.”

The group were eager to ensure the activities made an impact on the shelter and help future owners to settle easily with their new pets.

“We made special treats, which we handed out to the new owners, so that they could spend more time bonding with their new pets. We produced a video, slideshow and recipe cards showing how to make new treats and handed out brochures on how to care for your pet.”

The project will help Oahu SPCA provide better services to the people and animals that live in the shelter.

“We want to make cats and dogs feel comfortable and ensure that the animals have the supplies they need while they wait to be adopted.”

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